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Welcome to the August, 2003 issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Welcome, folks to the August Weatherfun Newsletter.

Well, as you are reading this the 2nd Weatherfun Reunion, held here in the Rhode Island area, has finished up.

We enjoyed such events as: visiting one of the top 10 Zoo's in the nation, a Duck Ride, the Blue Hill Weather Observatory, and also the NBC TV 10 Weather Center, and a chance to view the live 9 to 10a.m. Weekend Newscast.

The Grand Finale Cookout was held here at our home in Warren, Rhode Island where presentations wehre given by our own Carolyn Eagan, Long Island Bill on his visit to the storm prediction center, by Lynn (AKA SNOWLAY) on her work with the NWS, and even a few words by me on my visit to a Hurricane Hunter, and my special visit with Max Mayfield the head of the Hurricane Center in Miami, Fla. We also had Bill's weather quiz, and this year we had PRIZES. It has been more than one could ask for...Great family events, great weather events, good food, but above all GOOD FRIENDSHIP.

Hey, if you were not luck enough to attend this year's reunion, did you follow the events on my Founders Line? Yes, I kept you all updated on the Founders Line, and even a few words from those attending. Just dial our toll free number at:  1-800-555-8355, and then enter the founders line product number of: 1-449-818 After the reunion and everyone is back home, our attention turns to the current hurricane season. Now, we are getting into the heart of the hurricane season, and things could get very interesting on the East coast. I know that all of us will be following it very closely, and reporting our findings right here on Weatherfun. But, please keep in mind folks: These are very deadly storms, that can do a lot of sever damage, and above all take your loved ones away. It is great to follow these storms, but all of us must respect them. Having lived through hurricane Carol, I for one know what a storm like this can do. Believe me, we did not know until the storm had passed us what this lady called Carol had done, and how it would change some of our lives forever. If you would like to learn more about Carol, and how it changed my life check out my founder message, and see what she did to make me a weather watcher.

Till next month enjoy your summer, but above all keep an eye to the sky, and stay safe.

July's Weather
  • 1st - Remnants from TS Bill dumped flooding rains on the Southeast with a few weak tornadoes. Several record High temperatures in the Upper Plains.
  • 3rd - Continued heat in the Southwest expands into the central Plains.
  • 3rd - 11th - Small systems move through the upper Plains and then into the upper Midwest with heavy rains, strong winds, and some weak tornadoes. Flooding resulted in many areas.
  • 8th - TS Claudette forms in the eastern Caribbean.
  • 9th - 17th Record High temperatures throughout the West into the central Plains.
  • 11th - Tropical Storm Claudette threw heavy rain and strong winds at Mexico's Caribbean beach resort of Cancun.
  • 15th - Claudette becomes a Cat 1 hurricane and slams into the central Texas coast with winds up to 90 mph, 4-8" rainfall, & 6-8' storm surge. Every building in the city of Port Alto was damaged & entire trees were blown down in the streets of Port Lavaca.
  • 16th - TD 5 forms southeast of Bermuda.
  • 16th & 17th - Severe storms in Illinois and then Missouri with heavy rain and damaging winds.
  • 16th - 21st Triple digit heat from Texas to Kansas.
  • 17th - Tropical Depression # 6 forms in the southern Atlantic, but then becomes a tropical wave on the 21st.
  • 18th - Danny becomes a hurricane way out in the Atlantic only to be downgraded the next day to a Tropical Storm, and then just a swirl in the Atlantic.
  • 19th - 24th - Record heat throughout the West Coast & Rocky Mountains.
  • 20th - 21st - Strong storms from Nebraska to Illinois with heavy rains, damaging winds, & a few tornadoes.
  • 20th - 23rd - Heavy rains in Indiana & Ohio.
  • 22nd - Strong to severe storms all along the East Coast to the Gulf Coast with flooding rains, damaging winds, and several fatalities.
  • 26th - 31st Record High Temperatures from Arizona to Washington. Triple digets in many areas of the Rocky Mountains.
  • The Texas heat continued the whole month with little to no rain in areas that didn't get Claudette.
  • 27th & 28th Strong storms with flooding rains from Illinois to Ohio.

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May 4, 2003

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Did You Know?

The fun of the month was at the WEATHERFUN Reunion July 31st - August 3rd. More about it in next month's newsletter.

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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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