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Welcome to the June issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Hello Weatherfun members, and welcome to the June issue of our Newsletter.

Well, here we are after June 1st, and the official meteorological start of summer. Well, in some parts of the country summer has arrived, but in other parts of the nation like up here in the Northeast spring has not even arrived. We have had a very cold and wet spring here in Rhode Island. Other parts of the nation has had a very large outbreak of tornados, and along with very warm weather. So, it has been a very active and unusual spring.

We, are also into the Atlantic 2003 Hurricane Season. As you know the season goes from June 1st. to the end of November. Dr. Gray has predicted an above average hurricane season this year. I had the pleasure of visiting a Hurricane hunter plane this past month in New Bedford, Mass. After visiting the plane, I had the pleasure of attending a presentation about the 2003 Hurricane Season given by Max Mayfield of the Hurricane Center out of Miami, Fla. I also had the distinct pleasure of meeting Max, talk about the up and coming season, and also about Weatherfun. He is very interested in Weatherfun, and also our concept. He will be visiting our site, and he said that he will be getting back to me at a later time.
What is my prediction for this season for my area of the nation? Oh boy. Two near misses. Time will tell though folks.

2ND WEATHERFUN REUNION: As you know our reunion is coming up July 31st to August 3rd. In and around the Warren, Rhode Island area. Susan and I are currently planning the reunion, activities and our grand finale cookout at our home here in Warren, Rhode Island. Along with a presentation by Bill of his visit to the Storm prediction Center, we will also have Carolyn Eagan a long range forecaster from Brown University who will put on a presentation and pass some material out on how she prepares her long range forecast. Also one cannot forget Professor Bill's quiz that he will conduct on my deck. We had a very good time last year with Bill's quiz, and he told me that if you thought that last year's quiz was easy wait until this year's. Also some surprises coming up for the Cookout. A certain lady from Md. AKA snowlady has been very busy for the past few months, and she has a lot of surprises in store for you. If you miss this reunion folks, I know you will be very sorry, so do not be sorry. Attend this year's Weatherfun's 2nd reunion. Further details to follow.

WEBMASTER: Well, folks June has arrived and as some of you know our webmaster Richard Foreman will be entering the Army. Richard everyone here in Warren, and I am sure all Weatherfun members join Susan and I in wishing you well in your new endeavor. It is great that you are able to fulfill your dream and we all wish you good luck. I personally thank you for all of he work that you have done with our Weatherfun website. I know that this is not good-bye, but just sometime to better yourself, and you will be obtaining a better future for you and your family. You have built a great website for us, and you have even improved it over the past few weeks. Just today I noticed before noontime we had well over 750 hits on our site in one morning. Good luck to you, Pamela and the girls on your new endeavor. Please come back to us safe, and with much more weather knowledge than you have now. I know that you will be a great success.

Till next month folks, enjoy your summer, and please support the Weatherfun newsletter.

May's Weather
  • Starting on the 1st - Summerlike temps along the Gulf Coast, with many cities reporting record Highs.
  • 1st - Severe storms in Texas, Oklahoma, & Arkansas with hail and some tornadoes.
  • 2nd - Severe storms again from Texas to Mississippi with damaging winds, hail, & several tornadoes.
  • 4th - Major tornado outburst, at least 73, caused the following: MISSOURI: At least 14 dead, eight missing. Red Cross estimated that 100 homes were destroyed or suffered major damage in Pierce City, town of 1,400, where every house and business had at least some damage.
    KANSAS: At least seven dead. Hardest hit were Crawford and Cherokee counties in the southeast corner of the state. Gov. Kathleen Sebelius declared seven counties disaster areas. Third of the southeast Kansas town of Franklin was wiped out, said emergency official Eldon Bedene.
    TENNESSEE: At least 11 dead, scores injured. One twister carved 65-mile path and caused heavy damage in downtown Jackson. Much of Jackson without power today and the hospital operated off a generator, spokeswoman said.
    ARKANSAS: Several tornadoes hit central and east-central Arkansas, mostly in rural areas, destroying several homes. No deaths or serious injuries were reported.
    SOUTH DAKOTA: At least three tornado touchdowns reported. Hail as big as baseballs reported in Mellette County.
    NEBRASKA: Scattered damage from several tornadoes in rural parts of state. Hail as big as softballs damaged homes and cars near Offutt, residents said.
    IOWA: Minor flooding reported after heavy rain, including 2.73 inches in 24 hours at Johnston.
    KENTUCKY: Thunderstorms struck Louisville during Monday morning rush hour, and some 24,000 homes and businesses lost power.
  • 5th-6th - More severe storms in the Midwest and Southeast with heavy rain, hail, damaging winds, & tornadoes.
  • 7th - Still more severe weather in Alabama & Georgia with heavy rain, damaging winds, hail, & tornadoes. Severe storms also in Utah, Colorado, Maryland, & northern Virginia. Flooding in Tennessee, Alabama, & Georgia.
  • 8th - Still more severe storms across the country. Oklahoma & Kansas were the hardest hit.
  • 9th - Severe storms continued across many areas of the country with heavy rain, damaging wind, hail, & tornadoes.
  • 10th - More severe storms from Oklahoma to Indiana with hail, damaging winds, & tornadoes. Flash floods in Indiana. President Bush declares Oklahoma a disaster area. 42 deaths have been reported this month from tornadoes.
  • 10th Snow up to 10" in Colorado, while record heat moved into Texas.
  • 14th - Severe storms in IL & IN with heavy rain, hail, & some tornadoes.
  • 15th - 16th More severe weather for Texas and several other southern states: Hail & tornadoes.
  • 17th - 18th Severe storms from Mississippi to Georgia with flooding rains, hail, and some tornadoes.
  • 21st - Record low temperatures in the northern Plains.
  • 21st - 28th Record High temperatures in the southwest.
  • 26th - Heavy rain from northern Virginia to New England. Parts of Connecticut got 3 inches dumped on them.
  • 27th - Up to 10 inches of rain was dumped on southern Florida, causing flooding of most roadways.
  • 28th - 31st Record heat in Texas.
  • 30th -31st Severe storms in the Midwest with several tornadoes, & hot weather for much of Florida.

Henderson, KY

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The UM website has a great page where you click on the state you want and get all types of weather data and forecast. It's located
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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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