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Welcome to the March issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Well, folks here we are with another month gone, and into March and my favorite time of the year "Spring." OH I know that the calendar says spring starts on March 21st, but meteorologically speaking spring starts on March 1st, just as summer starts on June 1st.

Of course this being Weatherfun I am all for the metrological beginning of spring. As you all know this has been one tough winter. Some of the coldest temperatures have hit us, and we also have seen more snow that we have seen in many years, and we all are ready for an early spring.

Here In Warren, at Weatherfun Headquarters our average snowfall is 36 inches, and as of this writing I have received here in Warren 51 inches of snow. Way above average, with more on the way within the next 24 hours. So, as you can see a lot more people than I are ready for an early spring. But, will that happen? Some forecasters are saying that March will be a much colder month than normal with above average precipitation. As you all know March can bring some of the heaviest snowfall of the season.

But, we have one thing going for us. The longer days. On the first day of winter the sunset was: 4:14PM, and today March 1st. the sun will set at: 5:34PM. A big improvement. I was mentioning to Nurse Susan just this past week while being out driving at 6PM, the fact that we still had some sunlight left. This is always a plus this time of the year, and helps with that snow melt.

WEBSITE: As some of you know our very capable webmaster, Richard Foreman has announced that he will be revamping our website during the month of March, and it will be down and under construction during the month of March. As always Richard we all thank you for your great work on our website, and we all appreciate your time and effort in making it one of the, if not the best weather related website on the net. Also if Richard needs any help on the site he will be making an announcement to that fact, and I urge you if you are capable to doing this type of work, please offer Richard all the help that you can.

SECOND REUNION: As you know we have been talking about our Second Weatherfun Reunion. Currently we are discussing the possible choice of a location, and also date. I am sure that in the very near future Steve will be making an announcement about further details of our Second Reunion. I for one am looking forward to attending and if last year's reunion was any indication, a great time is in store for all. I GUARANTEE you that if you attend, you will have one of the best times that you have ever had, with a great bunch of not only weather watchers, but also great friends.

Enjoy your spring folks, and we all look forward to a long and warm summer.

Remember this is our newsletter, please support it as much as possible, and we all thank Bill for the work that he puts into this monthly newsletter.

February's Weather
  • 1st-3rd Warm temps with record Highs for most of the western 1/3 of the country.
  • 9th-10th A weak system brought snow from the lower Plains to the East Coast.
  • 10th-14th Another Arctic blast hit fom the Great Lakes to the Mid-Atlantic.
  • 12th Heavy rain in southern California, with some areas getting 10" of rain.
  • 13th-14th The storm continued eastward bringing rain, snow & thunderstorms to the middle of the country. Areas of the Tennessee Valley were flooded
  • 16th-18th Heavy snows with blizzard conditions & ice from South Carolina to New England. 2 feet or more of snow was common, with some places in western Maryland getting over 40" of the white stuff. Many states declared emergencies. 40 people lost their lives due to the storm.
  • 20th-23rd A storm developed in eastern Texas & travelled up through the Ohio Valley into Canada bringing heavy rain with severe storms along the Gulf Coast, the Ohio River Valley, & the Southeast. 6 deaths were the results of this storm. Melting snow combined with the heavy rain caused flooding in many areas to the north. Roofs collapsed in several areas, but luckily no deaths.
  • 23rd-24th A fast moving storm dumped heavy snow from Oklahoma to Ohio before weakening.
  • 25th A small storm brought sleet & freezing rain to the south central Plains, and then snow to the mid-Atlantic.
  • 27th-28th Still another storm threatened to dump more snow on the mid-Atlantic and southern New England, but it didn't quite happen. The DC area got most of the snow, while parts of North Carolina lost power due to freezing rain.

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February 17th was our founder's birthday.
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John Jensen's site WXWARN1 has been listed on a list for the NWS as a commercial vendor. Nice to see you made the BIG TIMES John. Be sure to checkout John's site WXWARN1

We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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