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Welcome to the first issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter. The purpose of the Newsletter is to inform, educate, and share information about our favorite topic...WEATHER, and maybe even have a little fun with it. The monthly Newsletter will be published on the Net around the 3rd of each month. Members will receive an email each month when the new Newsletter is out. The Newsletter ask that members be an active part in its publication each month. Ideas, websites, articles, and etc should be sent to Jerry or Bill directly. It is a WEATHERFUN members Newsletter, so join in the fun at WEATHERFUN

Words From Jerry
Hello fellow Weatherfun members, and welcome to the first issue of the Weatherfun Newsletter.

First of all let me thank Bill for putting together this newsletter. It takes a lot of time and work to put together something like this, and I want to thank Bill for the great job that he has done.

I would like to pass on a story that I heard on a local wx. newsgroup in the last year. Last year one member say to another member, did you hear about the new group called Weatherfun? The other member said no that he hadn't. Well, said the first, don't worry about it, I am sure that it will not be around for very long. Recently these two members met again, and one said to the other. How about that group called Weatherfun that we were talking about last year? I hear that they are doing great, and it is now a well respected group. The other member said, yes, and boy was I wrong about that group.
The fact is that we have become a well respected wx. group, and people are talking good about us, and looking to join us.
Remember what our name says, Weatherfun. To talk about the weather and have a good time doing it.

Folks for this newsletter to be successful we need your help. Please participate as much as possible, and help it to become one of the most successful weather newsletters on the net.

Talk to you again right here next month folks.

January's Weather

For Winter, the weather around the country for January was on the mild to warm side, with a few twist. So far this Winter, Atlanta, GA has had more snow than Chicago, IL. Some mornings in Florida been colder than in New York City.

Remember all that snow around Christmas in the Buffalo area? . In downtown Buffalo, 52 inches were measured. As of early Tuesday evening, January 15th, there was only 8 inches of snow left on the ground at the weather service office. Most areas only had a few inches of snow left.

Finally by the end of the month, colder weather had moved into the country with a snow/ice storm from Texas up through the Ohio River Valley and into northern New England. Spring in January had come to an end.

"East Coast facing drought conditions"
(Source: AP, 1/30/02)
NEW YORK - Baltimore's reservoirs are so low that the city plans to tap the Susquehanna River for drinking water despite complaints about its iron taste. Rivers in Maine have been reduced to a trickle. And in New Hampshire, many of the frozen waterfalls that draw ice-climbing tourists haven't formed this year. From Maryland to Maine, the East Coast is seeing some of the driest conditions in decades.
More than 100 counties are under drought warnings, watches or advisories. Public officials are urging people to take shorter showers, fix plumbing leaks and wash cars with buckets instead of hoses.
Precipitation is six to 10 inches below average in New England and the mid-Atlantic states over the last six months, off a third or more from the norm. In New York City, precipitation has been a mere quarter of its normal level since September.

See several Cam shots of that great Winter city

Links 4 You
  • You can review some Historical
    Winter Storms at this webpage
    on the Weather Channel site.
Hello New Members
Did You Know?

The Greatest 24 Hour Snowfall in the US was 75.8 inches at Silver Lake, CO on April 14/15 1921!!!
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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to have fun with your weather.

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Jerry or Bill

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