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Welcome to UTU Local 84!

Here's our new website! Sorry to have let the old one rot for so long. Thanks for checking back. Maintaining a website is a bitch! And re-learning HTML is worse. Poor excuses to be sure. Oh well. Anyway, now that I have time on my hands,("Alaska" you know) I will pay more attention to our local's website. This site will be under construction Forever! NOTHING WORKS RIGHT NOW I will try and get things running as soon as practicable. It's going to take time to rebuild everything. My brothers and sisters, I hope to keep up with it. To coin a phrase "Thanks for your patience".

Cell Phone Ban

The dirty rotten bastards who brought you the "muzzle test" are now trying to fire you for answering your cell phone and violating the emergency order banning personal cell phone use. DO NOT ANSWER YOUR CELL PHONE while you are on your train!

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