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CB Radio Catagories
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Please select the Radio Manufacture you are trying to locate on the left side of this webpage. Radios are listed in there respective catagories


Were are in the proccess of reworking these pages. We hope you like the new format we have started using the block menus in each catagory.

This site will cover all type of Handheld, Mobile, Base Radios as well as accessories. The Pricing will come from 10 Ebay auctions and an average price will be listed.

We have added the Export 10 Meter Radio Page but it will take a while to get it 100%. Please note that alot of these export radios are the same radios with different names on them (EX: Eagle Spitfire / Magnum 257 / Roadpro Titan RSPY-485 are identical radios.) (EX: Some base radios are like that also such as the Eagle Tomahawk / Comanche Warrior are the same thing also.

There is no equipment for sale here on this web site. Please click on the Ebay or Yahoo logo's for our current auctions that we have from time to time.

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