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                                                                SPACE PIRATE GALLERY


                                                        SPOILERS INCLUDED

                                                         What are Space Pirates?

Space Pirates are galactic nomads traveling around the galaxy, causing destruction in their path, and killing scientists in different galactic researches. They also misuse the power of the Metroids, and multiply them, causing unrest in the galaxy. This page tells some the main gargantuan leaders of the Space Pirate Operation.


                                                                           Mother Brain

Mother Brain is the boss of the Space Pirates. She is a dangerous one, filled with different powers. When she battles Samus for the last time in Super Metroid, Samus was at her last straw when a huge ass metroid larva interferes the fight, sucking life out of the brownish creature, and giving them to Samus. The brain got mad, fired a few blasts at the larva, and finally killing it like it's her prey. Then Samus gains the metroid's powers, and acquires the hyper beam, and at the end blowing the brain up, and escape after a three mintute time bomb was set. Samus runs and escapes while she watch the planet explode to fireworks.





Ridley is also another gargantuan leader of the Space Pirate forces. He is like a dragon like creature, that spits out fireballs. A tough one, he is, but if you hit him anywhere except for the tail, he'll be damaged. In Metroid 1, Ridley is obliterated at the end. He returns in Metroid Prime and Super Metroid artificially built. In the first part of Super Metroid, he steals the Metroid Larva, from the scientists and also killing them too. You fight the X-Fused Ridley in Metroid Fusion.



Another gargantuan leader, a very big one. He is more like a obese dragon that can't fly and have obstacles coming out his chest. In Metroid 1, he is destroyed, but in Prime and Super Metroid, he returns artificially built also like Ridley and Brain. You'll have to shoot him in his eye, then he'll get pissed, and opens his mouth, then you'll have a chance to shoot Kraid in the mouth with a Super missile. Takes bout 4 Super missiles to blow this guy up in Super Metroid.


This is a weird one. He is quite difficult in Super Metroid. To defeat him, you must shoot missiles or super missiles to his belly until one dies. But there is a cheat : if you let him grab you, and you shot all the turrets, use your grapple beam, fire it at the blewed up turret, and hold it until he dies. See, very quick and easy!





   The battle with this fella will be quite easy. He has infinite life, but you just have to shoot his mouth when open with any charged weapon or missiles or Super missiles (he will sometime spit at you fire balls), then he will fall down to the lava, drenching his flesh and blood to a skeleton with meat hanging down. He's another gargantuan of the Space Pirates.