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The Fractal Universe Tarot Slideshow. This link will open up in a separate window.

I love Tarot which is why I created my own deck. I've been working on a cost-effective way to self publish, but for now it remains part of cyberspace. I started reading Tarot in 1989 when I was seventeen. After scaring myself for a few years, I became serious about it around 1993.

I'm blogging on this site now. I used to do general Tarotscope readings at Xanga, but it seems more appropriate to do them here, where my Tarot is. Read a little about me.

Mine is not the only Fractal Tarot out there. I have found a couple of them and I am sure that both these artists have links as well. The first one is The Fractal Firebird Tarot. The other one is The Chaos Tarot.

I will update this in time, just as soon as I can think of something to put up:-)

These cards are my creation. Treat them with respect and honour the copyrights and agreements under which you found them.

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