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Sandi Finlays Picture Gallery

Welcome to the Gallery. There are quite a
few pictures of Sandi floating
around, we just have to track 'em
down and scan 'em. Bear with us.

Sandi Finlay as Sly Moore

Sandi Finlay on set as the character Sly Moore in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. From her experience on the set and with the costume, Sandi shared with us some interesting stories. The costume itself was very heavy and was giving her bruises on her shoulders; the solution? Sanitary pads stuck to her shoulders prior to putting on her costume. Also, those wonderful contact lenses that give Sandi that feral and mystical look......made her eyes swell up so badly that she could only work every second day. But she said that aside from the heaviness, she loved her costume which is silver blue and actually covered with hundreds, if not thousands of tassels. Shimmy baby!Shimmy!

Sandi with Robert O'Reilly from Star Trek NG & DS9

Taken at the VIP launch party for Supanova pop culture expo 2002. Robert O'Reilly is better known to most Star Trek fans as Gowron from Star Trek Next Generation, and reprised the role in 1994 in Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode The House of Quark

Sandi with J.G. Hertzler from Star Trek DS9

Also taken at the VIP Launch Party for Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2002, J.G. Hertzler has played a variety of roles on Star Trek, but his best known Chancellor Martok on Deep Space Nine. He also played in the episodeTsunkatse in Star Trek Voyager, the episode renowned for the ultimate wrestling match between The Rock and Seven of Nine. And if you don't know who won, I ain't gonna tell ya.

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