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Donations Wanted - Donations Wanted - Donations Wanted

If you are here at this site, you probably have some interest in the happenings in the Middle East. My father is a part of the 4th Infantry Division, which is currently stationed in Kirkuk. This website is here to raise some money so we can buy him a gift when he gets back. It is something he has always wanted. A Harley Davidson motorcycle.
A Sergeant First Class and a 19-year Army veteran, he is more than ready to retire. He has gone through 4 war deployments in his career. He has a family of 4 at home waiting for him. A wife and three young children eagerly count down the days untill their loved one returns. The money that we raise through this website will go towards the downpayment of said Harley. A welcome back, and retirement gift that will surely bring joy to our soldier. He is a very brave man out in the line of duty and a very involved father. He would do anything to protect his children and family. So please, donate some money so we can get him this icon of appreciation. Simply click the link at the bottom of the page to be directed to the donation info page. Thank you in advance! Every penny counts!
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days 'til the 4th Infantry Division comes home!