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Report of the National Police Commission of India


This site is dedicated to the report of the National Police Commission of India, which after its submission in 1980, still retains its contemporary relevance. The report was published and is available in print. However, keeping in view the force multiplier effect of an electronic document in dissemination of ideas, it is being made available online.

People interested in the future of Indian Police organizations, the effectiveness of the Criminal Justice System of India and the Indian Police Service may find the site useful.

Best of luck to all!


Download the entire report in a zipped file (size: 1.3 MB) from here.


Links to specific chapters of the Report



Political Interference in Police Work (The most important chapter in the report)

Police Role

Police Leadership

Training and Career Development of IPS Officers

Accountability of Police Performance

The Constabulary

Pay Structure

Volume 2 Summary of Observations and Recommendations

Volume 3 Summary of Recommendations (Police and Weaker Sections)

(More links will be added soon, as soon as I get more time!)