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Katyazikstan, The Freshmaker

06.04.06, 2:38 pm
If anybody still checks this, I've ditched this site because it's too much work. Check out my new blog at Also check out my quartet's website at

21.01.05, 9:42 pm
Well, I made it back from China alive. You can check Demonica for installments of my trip diary. So I'm over at my friend's house, and I've been randomly checking sites like rblords and soul_d, and I realized that I missed New Years! It's very sad, because it's basically the only time I ever see anybody from home. It sounds like everybody had fun though. Cayley's coming to visit me in Febuary, but I don't know what I'm going to do with that boy. Maybe I'll take him to look at shoes. Everybody likes shoes, right?! So I'm back at school, but our school moved as they started construction on our new building. We've set up shop in this former high school that was abandoned by the Toronto Board of Education. It's kind of creepy, being back in high school. And our practice rooms are just classrooms with thin walls that partition them into four rooms, but it's basically like practising with three other people in the room.... And I'm pretty sure that we're all getting cancer from the building. Everybody's allergies are acting up - one of the girls who works in the office has to get allergy shots every week from her doctor it's so bad. And everybody's getting migranes. But most dangerous of all is the super sketchy super cheap mall right accross the street! AH! Don't they know I'm in shopping rehab?! Anyways, that's my news. Oh, and all the pieces I'm playing this year are by composers whos names start with B and end in CH. Isn't that cool?! Bach, Bloch, and Bruch. cccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That nice gutteral German ccchhhhhhhh.

14.12.04, 9:54 pm
Well, I'm off for good old China bright and early tomorrow morning. For those of you who want to keep tabs on the tour, they set up sort of a blog here. Catch y'all on the flip-side.

05.11.04, 3:49 pm
Greetings from the Centre of the Universe. Well, things are pretty much the same as always here. Catherine and I moved over the weekend of the 31st/1st, and are now set up in our totally awsome apartment. It's nice to have a place that's clean, and yours. And not full of Tom's stuff. Anyhoo, I joined a gym so I can be all buff like Buff, and so I go to school, go to the gym, and go home. The most exciting thing that's happened to me lately is that I installed my new DVD/CD-RW drive in Tom's computer so that we can watch movies, and then I've been busy building up my Ziplist. And now I have to go to the Faculty of Music to meet Sarah for our weekly Scrabble date. I live on the edge people.

23.10.04, 6:49 pm
So, it's been brought to my attention that I haven't updated this site in about two months. Well, okay then. Here's what I do. I get up at 6 am, and Catherine and I go jogging. Then I shower, eat breakfast and read the paper, then go to school and practice, have classes, rehearsals, lessons et al, then come home, watch some downloaded TV and go to bed. Very exciting I know. Most exciting news of all is that I won't be home for Christmas or my birthday this year for the first time ever, because I'm going to China!!!! That's cool I guess. I'm basically just working my ass off because I'm doing my recital on December 5th this year (that's early). I've got to learn my entire concerto by memory, and learn my sonata, and my quartet has to learn our quartet. I've got really awsome repertoire, so it's not like it's not totally fun though. I'm playing the Walton Viola Concerto, which is one of my favourites of all time ever, and the Brahms f minor sonata, which is really cool, and my quartet's playing Haydn's "The Joke" Quartet, Opus 33 No 2. We're also working on Schubert "Death and the Maiden" and a cool Icelandic quartet on the side. So, busy like a beaver. Who's busy. With stuff.

28.07.04, 11:30 pm
Wow. Long time no post. I really didn't post when I was home, mostly because I didn't do anything. Really. So now I'm back at my house in TO, and on Sat night I'm catching the 13 hour bus to Quebec City. So, what's new with me? Well, I got home, and nobody's here, and all my stuff is messed up!!!! My computer was all unhooked, only one phone out of 4 in the house is plugged in (and I can't see where they put the plugs for the rest), and my room has two extranious computers in it. AND the TV isn't hooked up, and I don't know how to do it!!! Dammit, I hate it when Tom messes with my stuff when i'm not here.

17.06.04, 3:06 pm
You know, I was thinking about being with my brothers last night, and I realized that I had forgotten that they never ever ever listen to anything I say. They talk, or shall I say yell, loudly at one another and never let anybody else get a word in edgewise. And Catherine wonders why I talk so loud. It's because I'd never be heard!!!!!!!!! It was just wierd, because I'd honestly forgotten how loud they are, and now I'm too used to people who actually listen to me. It's wierd. If I had something to say, I just said it to Julianne, cause she's the only one who would listen to me....

17.06.04, 12:50 am
Yeah, so Graeme got laid off today. How totally bogus is that. I had a pretty stress-free day though. I kinda practiced off and on from about 10 till 4, both piano and viola. I dug out my old Beethoven piano sonatas. I'd forgotten that I actually know the entire Eppassionata. It was cool to play again. But yeah, so Cayley and I went over to G's to 'cheer him up' so to speak, and so I showed him the picture of me and the Klingons. Cause Klingons are cool. I should watch more Star Trek. Anyways, you can see the Halifax Klingons here. We also went to Athenas for something to eat and discovered that we're all violent rageaholics. I think we get it from our mom. But don't tell her I said that.......she might beat me up.

15.06.04, 2:33 pm
So, here I am, back in Saskatoon. Yesterday was fun. I had a total of 1 hour of sleep in 42 hours, but I actually wasn't that tired. I got into TO at around 9 am, and Catherine picked me up at the airport, and we were giving Scott a ride home. But then it evolved into driving to the Faculty of Music so Scott could drop off his violin and music in his office, then we went to Cabbagetown for coffee and to see his new house, and then we went to a park, and then we finally took him home. I then proceeded home to repack to come to Stoon, but instead I watched a movie on my computer, and then surfed for a while on the internet. Then I finally repacked and we had two hours till I had to go to the airport so Catherine, Michelle and I went walking down the ravine near our house, because even though I've lived there two years I never actually walked through it. It led us to Forest Hill and so we walked north on Spadina until the houses got so disgustingly rich we had to turn around. We stopped in at the Starbuck in Forest Hill villiage, and saw that guy from Kids in the Hall. Mark McKenna? Yeah, and then we walked home, and I went to the airport and flew here. I just got back from the dentists, which was so very exciting. And I actually got up this morning after only eight hours of sleep and I feel good! It's crazy!

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