JediaEL's Testimony

One day at my father's house in 1984 I was listening
to the radio. At the time I douted in God's existence.
I had mainly listened to rock and roll and pop music.
Most of the stations that day were playing songs
I had heard all too often or that I just didnt desire
to listen to. Being in depression and bored I turned
to a Christian radio station. There came on a song called
"Why Did the Innocent Man Die". During the song when
the lyrics were sung "Forgive them Lord they know not what they do."
I received a vision of a man suffering on a cross.
In my mind at the time, it was just a man, but my heart became broken
for the pain that the man was suffering.
From my point of view I was lifted up above the ground
as if floating or being carried above ground, being
brought closer to the one suffering in pain on the cross.
Then I was brought face to face with Him. When He lifted
up His eyes and looked into mine, then I knew that
Jesus was (and is) Lord. I began to ask for forgiveness.
Even before I finished asking, the Holy Spirit fell within
and throughout me with exceeding power.
I didnt know that it was even called the Holy Spirit
at the time. Nevertheless, I began calling on the names
"Jesus" , "Lord" and "God" in which at each time
I called on those names the Spirit increased within me.

Since that day I had never doubted God's existence or that Jesus is Lord.