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I was given a journal to write my thoughts in and that has helped me quite a lot. In my pocketbook (purse) I carry a key chain with a recent picture of Harlan and the key to his truck as well as his key to our home on it. For Harlan’s 25th birthday, I had bought him Baldy, the eagle beanie baby, since he loves eagles. In the beginning, I carried Baldy around with me wherever I went. Eventually, I replaced Baldy with another stuffed animal, actually more than just one!, and when I feel down, I just take a stuffed animal with me everywhere I go. A few years ago, Mardi had given me a 'Brat' necklace, with charms depicting Harlan, herself, and Daryl with their birth-stones on them, and I never take that off.

Harlan’s bedroom is still that . . . his bedroom. There are Cleveland Brown items as well as the eagle items he collected in it. (He never got a chance to witness the revival of the Cleveland Browns, sad to say.) Would you believe he kept his cub/boy scout badges, belts, hats, pins, and other items?! He had them in a zip-lock bag and they are in the same one to this day. Mardi has some items of Harlan’s that she wanted to remember him by. Daryl does as well. I recently purchased an angel watch which I wear all the time so that both Harlan and my dad, my two angels, are always with me.

The major thing we did was to purchase a memorial plague for our synagogue with the money donated to us in Harlan’s memory. The money was placed into the Harlan Shawn Friedberg Memorial Fund. The plague has been made up and is it beautiful! The first two plates have also been made up for the plaque. One plate is in memory of Harlan and the other is in memory of my dad. The plaque has plates for names of the deceased with light bulbs next to them. When the anniversary of the deceased’s death, as well as special religious holidays arrive, the light bulbs next to their name will be lighted.

Our family belongs to a second synagogue as well. The members of this synagogue donated a Siddur (Prayer book) in Harlan’s memory to the Congregation. Whenever we attend Services at this synagogue, we try to get "Harlan’s" Siddur to read from. To this synagogue, we made a donation, in Harlan’s memory, to have the Torah refurbished. What this involves is getting a Scribe to fix the parchment the Torah is written on and to ‘rewrite’ any portions that are illegible due to repeated use. Most Torahs have been around for many years and are very delicate and, therefore, need special attention and care.

One more way of coping is by doing this site. Sharing with you all what our family went through, and is still going through now. We’re sharing our experiences in an attempt to alert others to the signs of drug abuse as well as the hazards thereof. The music you hear on this site is one of Harlan’s favorite songs, PATIENCE, from Guns n’ Roses LIES.  Enjoy it along with us, please. Also enjoy the eagles because one of them may well be our angel, Harlan!