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The Ferret & Dove Sanctuary , Inc., Is CLOSED! This is a memorial

In Memoriam of Wes Hurley11-19-1934--10-13-2010; The Ferret and Dove Sanctuary, Inc. We respect the rights of all creatures to their lives in comfort.

Great links to ferret, dove care-related sites...and Ferret Friends

best place for finding pets ,responsibly, on the web.
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All About care and more links for DOVES! Eurasian collared doves are also listed in the species section....
great first-aid how-to for pigeon or dove care-persons
The American Ferret Association. much great stuff!

FINISHED WITH ENGINES “They no longer hear the calling of the watches, or the falling of the storm rain in the night. Seas shall weary them no more, for they have reached their final haven – their further shore.” M. E. B. A. MARINE OFFICER (magazine), spring-summer 2011 edition. Wesley Hurley's obituary with photo from his old passport submitted by wife on page 42
This video put together from 2007, aired Oct. 2008 on the show "Animal Rescue".

The Ferret & Dove Sanctuary can accept No further intakes of animals from the general public. Our doors are permanently closed due to the death of Pres. and CEO Wesley Hurley.

here's a nice little story for the Yuletide Holiday season...
Little Secret, The Santa Ferret, By Susie Lee

Oh, sure, everyone knows Santa's obvious animal friends, the reindeer, and all their names and most of their magickal attributes, but did you ever know about Santa's best little Ferret friend?
Well, maybe not before now, because little Secret has been, well, Santa's special little Secret! A little white ferret who likes to snuggle up under the beard
(fluffs it out nicely, too! :) or curl warmly under his hat, or even blend in with that wooly white collar and "Secret"-ly watch out for Santa's back while he's unpacking you-know-what for good children on you-know-when!
Little Secret is a magickal ferret, of course, and has been with Santa since the very "beginning", bequeathed to the Jolly Old Elf by a grateful farmwife from centuries and centuries ago. Secret's special magick is in helping Santa get into houses with no chimneys by squeezing flatter than flat under the tightest door (much flatter than not-as-magickal ferrets who so dearly love to try to squeeze under any doors they can fit. )
and leaping with a magickally merry extra-high ferret-bounce to touch his little nose to any lock so that it will open for Santa and then close and re-lock safely afterwards. (Aha! say all the city-folks, Now we know how Santa gets into umpteen-gazillion apartments! He had a special Secret, all along!) .
Ah, but how did we ferret out Santa's Little Secret? All our ferrets did it...knowing a magick ferret when they sense one, nearly every ferret tail in the shelter went merrily a-wagging with excitement and joy until Little Secret swiftly touched a friendly nose in greeting to every one.
Then ,as quick as a ferret, Little Secret raced back to Santa and in a blink was back up to blend around his white wooly collar, with a little tail-wag farewell of his own to wave back.
So take good care of all your ferret friends...they know a Little Secret!

(psst! There's another nice big Santa Ferret Picture at the bottom of this page! :)

This is Wonderful! The television show "Animal Rescue" on CBS stations, Sundays, have done a feature tv article about us!, The Ferret & Dove Sanctuary!First airing on Animal Rescue on October 12th, 2008!Now watch for it in the re-runs :)
Check out and click on their "links" page. We were deeply honored to be their featured link for May,2008

THIS Racing pigeon was found in a schoolyard and turned in by teacher and students to our shelter, and we have filled out the finder's form for the American racing Pigeon union for someone representing a local pigeon racing club (With approp.I.D., please!) to claim this lovley bird.
UPDATE! Speedie Racer, the wrong-air-lane pigeon Has been Claimed by a reputable pigeon racing club and is even now enjoying a Happily Ever After in their huge loft! Congrats, Speedster! **********************************

You must call (850) 475-0780
or e-mail one of the following for an appointment;
We're busy with care for these animals and birds most of our days and nights and if you might rather be treated as guests in our home than rude bargers-in, show some consideration for the retired folks already doing all the work.

Also; we can accept NO further intakes (of animals)from the general public. The only exceptions we can make are for active duty military or the animal police which can each show us legitimate I.D. for their genuine emergency animal rescues or turned-in animals.

Raffle drawing of 2008 Fundraiser for The Ferret & Dove Sanctuary, Inc.
Drawing date July 31st, 2008
(this fundraiser raised $252.00 to help pay part of our veterinarian's bill for the animals and birds, Thanks to everyone who supported it!)
CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and Thank You everyone for supporting us for this fundraiser!
These're two of the Eurasian Collared doves: first is Sir Percival, a normally-colored collared dove, And the second is Gemaliel Dove, a white-feathered version of the same species of collared dove, more commonly known as a domestic dove in most of the world.~*~.~*~.~*~. ~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Here we are from November, 2007. . .~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~. Already adopted and waiting to be brought to their new home, these young doves, named for characters in Piers Anthony's "Xanth" novels, , They are Karia Centaur Dove, Neysa Unicorn Dove And Stanley S. Dragon Dove, also given a mention on this terrific author's newsletter at . And here are adult doves who are four years old and sent from a wonderful bird rescue named "Wings Of Hope" from Jackson, New Jersey. This is Snow Bunting Dove on her new nest which she and her mate, Bullet McQueen Dove have built into the sleeping-donut donated by their friends, the ferrets.
...........Here is a link to free Animal training videos from Animal Planet...
Also a link to an article written by the regional Florida manager of the Best Friends of Animals network
Here is our interview by station WKRG-5 of Mobile, Alabama from the hot summer of 2007...

Special ferrets for a special Zoo!
(Nancy & Casper's story)
Here's a nice little story of special adoptions from our Sanctuary to the Hattiesburg Zoo of Mississippi. Recently we accepted the care of two ferrets from a military family being transferred overseas who wanted their pets taken care of in a NO-kill situation. The names of the ferrets were changed (to protect the ID of the military family) to Nancy SilverRose and Casper DEW Breezy. Nancy is a female silver mitt (all four paws are white) and Casper is a male Dark Eyed White ferret. Both these youngsters are gentle and like the company of people; we hoped for them to be able to have their own family of folks as soon as could be!
We think their wishes came true! The Ferret & Dove Sanctuary was contacted by the education curator at the Hattiesburg Zoo of Mississippi hoping we had a pair of ferrets for adoption whom they would put to a kind of "work" for the welfare of all ferrets as teaching-critters. Meanwhile the Zoo's keepers and curators would become the ferrets' new daily-contact family. This sounded like a fine idea to us, and it would give Nancy and Casper the greater human contact that they seemed to so much enjoy.
(pic is Kris hugging Thor Mighty Chocolate ferret,aopted later)
So the education curator, Krissy Harrison, came to visit, tour our little Sanctuary,
Here is Curator Kris checking a young dove...
and gain a new pair of ferrety teaching-aids whom, we are quite certain, the public will love as much as they love the public!
(here is Curator Kris with Nancy and Casper)
And here are Nancy and Casper in one of the Zoo's own carriers, ready to begin their new lives as educational ferrets!
* Big Christmas for the ferrets for 2007! *
A Ferret Nation cage donated by A. Hermes and shipped to the Sanctuary straight from the manufacturer! Here are Wes and volunteer "Laz" putting the new cage together... and then here's Wes beginning to put in some of the new-Xmas bedding for the older ferrets all about to get a big new home! Now here's the ferrets it was donated in the names of...first ones in! Samson Soup-Lover and Ninja The Widget...Yes, the very same little Ninja, now an older ferret, who gave her love to her Make-A-Wish-kid, the beautiful Caitlyn... Here they are, again,(Samson and Ninja) with part of one of their two old friends, Clyde DEW Nicely, shown scooting along the "upstairs" and, finally, here is their other friend, Chloe DEW Lovey...four old friends all comfy together in a huge new living-space! Sincere, lifelong thanks from all of us for this wonderful donation!
This is PURPLE BABY HUEY, a found (found outside a tire repair store) wild pigeon fledgeling who grew up to be a fantastic pigeon Pigeons are descendants of rock doves. This just goes to show we durned serious rescuers because we sure do take in the ugly dove-lings along with the "purty" ones. :) Here's how Purple Huey looks, now; we cannot adopt him away nor give him away, because he flies right back to his original roost, under our wide outdoor patio. He sure has made this HIS Sanctuary!
Here's a little feather-mite who was just passing through... Roc kin' Robin Thrush was found 'gasping' in the middle of a nearby street late one last summer. Taken in and given elecrolyte fluids and some "baby bird food" that one of our other directors had donated, Rockin' Robin recovered it's strength over two days and was released to continue its journey of migration with all the other robins. ~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.
A special holiday Thank You to Ingvill Andersen who sent a lovely box filled with handmade ferret bedding and toys for all the fur-kids all the way from her beautiful, beautiful country of Norway!*** Also to everyone at Massachusetts Ferret Friends and Three Rivers Ferret Council of OHIO! THANK YOU So Very Much!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ :)
Here is a heartwarming true "Adoption Tale"!
RN nurse Miss Sandi(shown in the first photo, holding a ferret and being surprised at how soft and gently sweet most ferrets are) , of the Nemours Children's Clinic of Pensacola was the liason for the "Make a Wish Foundation" to help make a fine young lady's dearest wish come true, which was to own a domestic American ferret as her beloved companion. Her Wish Came True as soon as silvery Rikki Tikki Tavi was poured into her arms, he began licking Caitlyn all over her arms in loving welcome and then, to make a pleasant occasion even more pleasant, Rikki's little lady-buddy named Ninja The Widget climbed over him and gave Caitlyn a welcoming lick on the nose, too! So this formerly not so happy young lady was a very happy and proud Ferret-"mom" of TWO superbly fine and already devoted companions! Is that great or What?!!(the third picture shows Ninja The Widget saying goodbye, gotta go Home with my New MOM!).~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~ We're unutterably saddened to report that lovely Caitlyn has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and soon after she did, she was followed by a grieving Rikki-Tikki-Tavi who simply pined away after losing his Wish-Lady. Ninja The Widget was turned back to the shelter by Caitlyn's family and has recovered somewhat after being paired with another oldster-ferret , Samson Soup-Lover, but after also having lost Caitlyn, little older Ninja the Widget has lost all the original springiness in her tiny step.
~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.This youngster Has BEEN adopted! , as soon as his broken arm had healed! This is Chance,Dook-dook of Earl, a big, friendly fellow who was turned in to a cat-and-dog shelter with his arm broken in two places. The shelter-vet and then our vet each checked him out and x-rayed the little arm to be sure the bones were re-set and he was checked by the vet at the every-two-week checkup while he had to wear it. He had a "happy ending", getting adopted by a really terrific family! *****************************************
What a Melatonin Implant can do: help an adrenal-cancer bald ferret get her Fuzz back!...example--> Coco Chanel Ferret and friend Millie Vanillie ferret, shown here, together of course, since they've become inseparable friends... Coco Chanel came to us old, thin and totally bald. With treatment of a melatonin implant and regular feedings of extra homemade "duck soup", she has regained her hair and a lot of needed weight. Millie Vanillie was one of Shelley A's original ferrets and is a friend in need to ferrets like Coco and others. WOW, Look at Coco Chanel AFTER her melatonin implant, about three weeks after it was inserted at the vet's, she began to grow fur on her neck. Then a week later, more new fur sprouted on the rest of her...and it's still growing! Doesn't she look terrific?! ( and you can see her best buddy Millie Vanillie is her main cheering section :) .~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.FOR THOSE NO LONGER WITH US, WAITING AT THE RAINBOW BRIDGE~*~*~
Rest your soul in gentle peace:~*~.
All your pain and troubles ceased:~*~.
Someday, soon, we’ll meet again:~*~.
At the Rainbow Bridges’ end:~*~.
Now all the angels softly make:~*~.
A bough of fleecy clouds and take:~*~.~*~ Your loving spirit , with shining wings,:~*~.
A lullaby for you they’ll sing.

.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~..Here, in front of a local ABC news station camera person, is Wes fixing a little plate of "duck soup" (a home-made chicken and turkey-based gravy) and here is one of our little elderly (over 7 years of age) and cancer-afflicted ferrets who not just loves this but needs the extra nutrition ...this little ferretlady's name is Onyx Olinda and this is one of the main reasons we work at what we do all day bring comfort to little helpless dears like this.
~*~.~*~~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~. ~*~.~*~.
My name is Susie Lee, and I am an animal rescuer.(here I am with Cleopatra Pearl, getting "kissies"; there's a better photo of her, below) Cleopatra Pearl came in as a fierce little "biter' who gradually learned to trust and love and even "give kisses". .~*~.~*~.~*~.
The next photo is of Sandy LeQuick, first, before her life-saving treatment for Adrenal cancer..., and the very next photo is exactly 8 weeks later, after her treatment. It doesn't work on all ferrets the same who have adrenal cancer tumors, but it sure did work for little Sandy LeQuick! Here is Sandy LeQuick for 2004 with her new friend Bandit Waggy-Tail
Sandy is showing her latest symptom-recovery from her third long-term shot of Lupron to treat her cancer and Bandit-Waggy had a benign chordoma on the end of his tail which the vet removed and has also recovered spectacularly!
.~*~.~*~.~*~. ..~*~.~*~.~*~. The domestic and domesticated doves at this Sanctuary of whatever colors, are all Eurasian Collared doves
In 2007 we recieved an intake of six newly rescued Eurasian Collared doves, one of them white inside the aviary whose new names are Mystrielle Dove, Sir Gawain Dove, Sir Brian Dove, and Julianne Dove.These are their "official" "before" photos, because they've just come in from being somewhat too close to one another before and have just relaxed and ceased to peck at one another, now that everyone has wing-room enough to at least fly around.Here, in this big photo, is a one-month later example of just how beautifully the newly rescued doves have re-grown their feathers and joined our elder doves and to save space, I had a bunch more photos like this but I'm sure you get the general idea from this one :)~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.
This is the Sanctuary's current dog, BigBen ShepBernard who is quite a good watch-dog and has become very good friends with the cats, ferrets rabbit and doves here in the Sanctuary.
The next photo is of the Sanctuary's first dog, Mulan SharPei, who defended and protected the doves. Mulan SharPei was rescued right at the doorway of our local county animal shelter, where we intercepted her tearful elderly former owner who was checking herself into an assisted living facility. The county shelter folks said that if they checked in the shar pei, they would have to destroy her because her breed is similar/close to that of the Chow and they had a policy of destroying certain breeds which included pit bull terriers, and chows. So we took the care of Mulan Shar Pei who became best-friends with our rabbit, at the time, which(the rabbit) has since died of a happy old age, and now Mulan makes friends with any "new" rescued rabbits that we take in for adoption from one of the animals shelter in a nearby county to where we are. ~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~. these best-friends are Cassidy Rabbit (almost white) and Linus Rabbit (brown lop-ear) These two lovable-bunnies have been adopted. . ~*~*~*~*~*~*~.~*~.~*~. All the ferrets' medical care is carefully monitored by Ferry Pass Animal Hospital, and sometimes by East Hill Animal Hospital of 12th Ave., Pensacola. There also are 2 24-hour emergency veterinarian facilities nearby to this Rescue's location for any sudden illnesses or off-hours traumas, etc. We look after our fur-babies 24-hours, 7 days a week, and feed the ill and weak every four hours right around the clock. .~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~. *********************************************************~*~*~ Here is a good picture of Simone So-Lovely, a saintly soul leading a prayer from all of us for those ferrets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge: Rest in gentlest Peace and happiness: Snuggles LuWeasey, Indigo Iridescent, Molly Blue-Angel,Shadow Superguy, Smokey Joe Oldster, Baby Darkeyes, BabyDoll Babushka,Poindexter White,Evander Brown Ferret,Caira The Winsome,Cecelia Cinnamon, Felicia Ferrette, Zipper-Goes-Faster,Mesquite Smokey, Phyllis The Fair, Gusselwaite The Good, Sandy LeQuick, Spanky LeBeau, and Harley Davidson Ferret. To which we add, May the Great and Merciful Goddess of all Goodness watch over Simone So-Lovely, too. ~*~*~*~*~*~*********************************************************~*~*~ (Susie's soapbox) Animal Rescuers of every sort are, in their ways, a counter-balance to the uncaring and abusive elements of humanity. Rescuers of cats, dogs, birds, horses, elephants (there's a rescue/shelter just for retired performing elephants in the United States), hedgehogs, ferrets, rabbits, et cetera, et cetera...all of us who do what we do is done purely for love of our fellow creatures, with whom we share planetary space, and MANY of us, in our actions, attempts to educate the rest of the human community, and push for more protective and defensive laws for animal rights and against all forms of abuse...many of us are deliberately setting our actions in counter-balance to all the neglect and abuse already done and still going on... there's a word for this kind of karma-in-action which more, and more persons are taking up, I'm just one of (really!) very many!, and I cannot think of it, but it's the kind of person Mohandas Ghandhi determined to become, effecting change for the good by BEING (at least part of) the change for the good.
Okay, sometimes I get somewhat passionate about getting yet more folks to DO something, but why not?
Humans were the cause of the all domesticated animals' and birds' plights in the first place, therefore, in the views of all the rescuers, humans at least SOME humans!, ought to be their succourers and rescuers, making at least some attempts to begin to rectify the wrongs;
comfort the lonely;
heal the wounded ;
and bring ease to the elderly animals and birds.
(okay, I'm off the soapbox! :) .~*~.~*~.~*~************** ***~*~*~
And now for a TRUE STORY (oh, boy, our favorite kind! :)

*~*~*~The True Story of Falcor LuckDragon & Katie O'Cato, by Susie Lee~*~*~*

Once upon a time, in the State of Missisippi, in a cat-and-dog shelter along the Gulf Coast area, there, an albino ferret named Falcor was turned in to the county animal shelter along with four other companion-ferrets, one of whom was named Cato (as Cato was a girl-ferret, she was re-named Katie O’Cato so that from then-on everyone would please definitely understand that Katie IS a girl).
Falcor, as everyone knows, is the name of the Luck Dragon from Neverending Story, so that this is, quite naturally, “Falcor LuckDragon”’s Whole Name!
Very soon after Falcor and his four cage-mates were turned in to the Mississippi animal shelter, a man named Wes Hurley was driving through the area, and a “little voice” told him to stop there, so he did. Now Wes was, at this time, already running a small-animal Rescue and Sanctuary, with his little hobbit-like wife, Susie Lee-Hurley, back in Pensacola, and they had care of some 22 other ferrets at that time(1999-2000), so that they understood ferret care, and were concerned about these five who had been “dumped” in the Mississippi shelter. Wes wanted to take the care of the five ferrets straight away, but the folks running it said, "no", that they were required to keep any new animals for five days, so Wes left his information and did return five days later.
What should he find, on return, but that three of Falcor and Katie’s cage-mates had already been put to death at that shelter, and that Falcor would be “next” for reportedly having bitten a girl who was allowed to squeeze him might too tightly. Wes put his foot down, then, and paid for the release of the two remaining, lonesome ferrets. When they came to the Pensacola Ferret and Dove Animal Rescue(that's what we were named at that time), they were each matted and dirty, and thin.
So both ferrets were treated to fun bubble-baths (Falcor liked the warm water, and tried to play in it!, Katie stayed ver-ry still, just soaking in the gentle warmth) , and food that’s not mostly corn, such as most store-shelf cat foods are, with which the ferrets had been fed. Now they got chicken-and-rice kibble, with extra ferret-vitamins, and some ferretone to replace the lost oils in their skin and coats. Soon they were both sleek and fluffy and happily bouncing ferrets.
And then, one day, after they were well-recovered, a nice couple came in to see about adopting two ferrets. The husband had built a spacious home-made cage, and the wife loved both Falcor Luckdragon and Katie O’Cato very dearly, and insisted she could easily look after both of them as well as her two young children.
So, for about two months, they were adopted-out to their new family and played happily…until ONE day, Katie was missed, and in looking for her, their new adoptive parents realized that she must have gotten outside when their three-year-old tot opened the door.
Searching outside, they found Katie under the house, with their rottweiler blocking her way…she could not come out. Getting a squeak-toy from inside, Katie was coaxed out, and then, like lightning, their pet dog clamped his teeth down over little Katie, who screamed.
Everyone screamed.
Even Falcor.
Katie was rushed to the emergency animal hospital in Pensacola barely breatheing, but still alive. Then to her original veterinarian’s, with the Pensacola Ferret Rescue, Ferry Pass Animal Hospital, where Dr. Chew saved her life and had to put nearly fifteen stitches and five staples with a “drain” (for pus exudates) to hold little Katie together like a ferrety “humpty-dumpty”.
The next day, Katie was brought back to the Pensacola Ferret Rescue along with good ol’ Falcor. Just as soon as they touched noses, again, little Katie’s eyes brightened, and from that point, Falcor stayed very close to keep his last cage-mate warm and give her the emotional support she desperately needed to grow well, again.
Falcor never left Katie’s side, and we feel his stoic faithfulness was very much a part of little Katie’s recovery. She could not “arch” her back any more, like other ferrets, but she had healed in every other wise and has made a recovery back to health with dear Falcor LuckDragon’s steadfast help and support. When they were out for their playtime, Falcor LuckDragon ran “interference”, checking out the area ahead of Katie and seeing to it that all was Safe. This is why Falcor regularly chased “out” and nips at the heels of each cat (we had eight) to keep them all away from Katie, every single day. They were estimated around six years old, each, when Katie O'Cato was fully healed as best as she could be. and they stayed on and lived out their lives to comfy old ages through 2004 when first Katie, and then her staunch friend, look-out and supporter Falcor LuckDragon each died very quietly in their sleep surrounded by every possible comfort we could concieve of for them. True and steadfast friends who teach us new lessons in loyalty what true friendship is, Every Day.
This is the story of Molly Blue-Angel. The tiny ferret who Wouldn't Die.~*~*~*
In October of the year 1999, a small, elderly silver lady-ferret was brought to Wes Hurley and Susie Lee-Hurley's house by a member of the Navy's Blue Angels team who was being transferred to California, and glad to find someone like us who could look after his then 7 years old companion-ferret. He'd had her checked by the bases' vet, who didn't give her more than two weeks to live, at that time. Her former Blue Angel friend said she wouldn't eat any other food but raisins and sometimes a lick of ferretone. So Molly Blue-Angel came into our permanent care, and she was somewhat desperate: almost purely skin-and-bones, blind and very weak, we had her to our vet's to see what could be done to help or at least comfort her. Turned out that she had severe intestinal ulcers, and had lost several teeth, possibly from calcium loss plus the grinding that ulcer-pain brings on. But she wouldn't die. Quickly we had her on antibiotics and carafate and tiny drops of pepto-bismol and chicken babyfood with ferretvite softened into a drinkable soup and given with a tiny doll's bottle, a little every hour in between or with whatever meds were on her schedule by our somewhat more ferret-knowing vet. Then, after the first desperate two days, I fed her every hour-and-a-half, then the fourth day, every two hours, and a bit more at a time. By the end of the week, Molly Blue-Angel was beginning to fill back out from her former skeletal appearance and behave more like an active and spritely ferret. On a final visit before shipping out, her former owner was much comforted at his little friend's recovery and apparent happiness with us. Molly never seemed to recover all her mental faculties, though, for she would only very occasionally eat any kibble along with her other two new cage-mate friends, (Coco LeCreme, who was just one year younger, 6 years old in 1999, and Zinc-a-Dinc-A-Zoo!, another year- younger than Coco LeCreme). However she always still liked to nose out and munch a good juicy raisin. And so began a habit I'm finding it very hard to break, feeding Molly Blue-Angel every four hours a cooked, softened rice-and-chicken kibble with medicinal herbs added which are first cleared and approved by our vet, and a few drops of colloidal silver to safely kill any gram-negative bacteria so that I can blend in to this mixture several whole raw eggs. Four years. Every four hours for the last four years, it's been "time to feed Molly Blue-Angel", and, also others who have come under our wing of caring, and feeding. She's made every moment well worth it. The last two weeks, she'd become extra-frail, and had been having more difficulty swallowing, I would go verrry slowly with her feeding while she'd wrap both tiny front hands around one of my fingers and cling tightly as a tiny, tiny baby. This morning, at the very ripe age of ten years and two months old, she gently breathed her last breath. But she still isn't really dead, for her bright little spirit is already hovering like a tiny star, glinting around the house. A Blue little star, flashing and zipping in the newfound freedom of it's indomitable little spirit.
~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~ It's Molly Blue-Angel.
This is a drawing I made of our Snuggles LuWeasey, who "posed" for the part of Miss Mischief in the following charming story.
The Fiddly Ferret, by Susie Lee ~*~*~****~*~*~
Once upon a time, a really nice family who had a good cat and a friendly dog decided they would like to include a ferret into their family's circle because they saw how much fun their nieghbors had with their two adopted ferrets who played and teased with the neighbors' cat and dog and children, helping to put smiles and laughter into everyone who watched them. So they went to a pet store and bought a lonesome, last-one-of-his litter ferret...the only one left in the pet store, since all his litter-mates had been sold off. This ferret was spoiled and mischievous because of all the extra handling he'd gotten, being by himself for several weeks at the little no-kill shelter. When he was taken in by his new family, instead of playing with their cat and dog, he hissed and bared his teeth, then ran off to create near-havoc, turning over all the pots and pans, finding and hiding every single shoe of everyone's in the house, claiming all the toys for himself, even though he couldn't possibly play with most of them, and generally being mischeivous, and so the Name he made for himself was Mischief.
By the next day, everyone, family, dog, cat, everyone left Mischief quite alone.
Now ferrets are sociable-natured critters and Mischeif didn't like being lonesome at-all-whatsoever. But after his reprehensible behavior, no one would have anything to do with him.
He sprawled out his little self on the living-room floor and heaved a great, lonesome sigh. Several lonesome sighs. Noticing nobody was paying attention to all his lonesome sighs, he sat up and cry-YIII-yied, just as loud and lonesomely as his little self could cry.
Around the corner of the sofa came the old motherly cat, named Sphynx, to enquire what was the matter, for the little ferret looked and sounded so much like a kitten to her that she couldn't not try to help.
Mischief broke down completely and "for real", then, at Sphynx's genuine concern after how rudely he'd behaved. He wished everyone would come out and be company to him. He didn't like the name he'd made for himself at-all, whatsoever!
Sphynx suggested maybe he could find some way to make a NEW name for himself...what about finding a more cheery and engaging way to behave that the People might like, such as purring and rubbing against People-legs?
Mischeif tried to purr, but ferrets can't purr. What could he do? he could bounce. He could run sideways and backwards at the same time. But ALL ferrets can do those things. Then, on the television, he saw a human with an instrument in his hands, making cheery noises with it while other humans joyfully approved. Now THERE was what he'd like to do!
So Sphynx managed to make the humans understand what was needed, a very small violin. (don't ask ME how she did that, sphynxes always keep their secrets and I never did find that one out! :)
By the Next day, the little ferret was already playing his new fiddle in a fitly ferrety way all his own. The merry little tunes drifted through the house and lured everyone back to enjoying the fine company of their new Fiddly Ferret. The Mom and Dad and bro and Sis were all dancing and laughing again. Dog was laughing, too, bounding between the dancers, and Sphynx just tapped her dainty paw in time to the music with a little motherly cat-grin.
And so the little ferret made a wonderful New name for himself by changeing his attitude, and then changeing his behavior. Now everyone loved and kept company with a much happier Fiddly Ferret. *********** The End.
(this is the real-life Sphynx Mysteria ) (she's now almost 13 years old, and has always been too smart for my own good :)Also, this is one of Sphynx's grown children, Red Blazin' Star, a second son from her second litter, born in 1996 he has many of his mother's mannerisms, but one of his own is to stick his little tongue out just a teeny bit while he's purring.
~*~*~*~*****~*~*~ ~*~.~*~.~*~(this is Flower Black Orchid, known mostly as just plain "Flower", around our house. who was rescued by Wes as a kitten from a boy who had accidentally broken one of her legs, which has since healed.~*~*~*~.
The next photo is of Elrond Buttontail... Elrond Buttontail is an almost-manx and flame-point siamese whose mother was killed by an automobile when he was a tiny fluff of a kitten, and so we took him in. He's grown to be a big, soft-furred and handsome neutered male cat, but he's afraid to allow anyone else but us to touch him, so we're unable to adopt him out.
(calming down all the excitement with ferrets by gazing on our tetra fish tank) Here we are with our favorite volunteers...this picture you might call "the Four Ferret-teers!" :) ( and this second one was before I cracked a joke:)
The ferrets have come up with a few suggestions for the rest of us...
************************ (can't top that!:)
This & 15 more chinchillas were dumped on us late in 2004,(just as we were overloaded with Hurricane Ivan turned-in ferrets and rabbits) but help came for them by a Chinchilla Rescue of the Great State of Georgia, to see their story go to, their story was in the Feb-March 2005 issue of "Chinchillas" Magazine. As a Happy Ever After,as of June, 2005, all the Florida Rescued chinchillas were adopted out by the Chinchilla Rescue & Sanctuary of Georgia! Another nice note, Ferrets Magazine has published an article about ferret-specific shelters quoting us&(just)2 other shelter-operators in the USA. Look in Ferret Magazine's March-April, 2006 issue!
!308 ferrets adopted! Whoopeee!and congrats to all the furrys and their new families*
(here is our 40-second commercial asking for help, featuring some volunteers from a local middle-school who came to assist us during the late spring of 2007 with their teachers (not shown, but they were there :) which you might have seen on some of your local American television stations....) ............................................ Now join us and the ASPCA in the ongoing fight against animal cruelty... ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Resource Center
And let us all respect one another in genuine peace............