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A PtokaX Hub serving the Dreamcast/Gaming Community.

Hub Ops:   [Pete - Owner]   [Phate - Op]   [KarbonPhyba - Op]   [blondejon - Op]   [Gosseyn - Op]


* No Sick Or Kiddy Porn [perm ban if found]
* Only English In Main Chat.
* If You Add Files To Share But Not Tested Them, Then Place Them In A Folder Stating This.
* Min 5 Games In Original RARS.
* Min 3 Slots, 2 Hubs Max
* Stay In The Hub While Downloading. Be An Active Member [Chat & Help Others]
* No Spamming Or Advertising.
* Check Your Shares For Viruses, Infecting The Team Is A Criminal Offence
* NO Hacked Clients, And No Faking Or Tag Hiding
* No Trading Or Slot Begging.
* Don`t Ask To Be An OP....We Will Ask You...If Needed.
* All Donations Of Women,Drugs,DurtyVids[for jon],Booze Will Be Gladly Accepted
And The Team Thank You In Advance........
NOTE: you must stay online until an OP has checked your share, otherwise you will not gain FULL access


Hub Owner: Pete
Hub Name: K o r o n i s R i f t
Hub Address:
Web Address:
Hub Network: !network [main chat]
Hub Rules: !rules [main chat]


Motherboard - GA-7VAXP
CPU - AMD Athon 1800+
Memory - 512 DDR PC2700
Storage - 6x120 Gig WDC 7200rpm
1Mbit Cable
Multiple Monitors


Patches/Utilities  Cracks/Serials  Keygens  NFO`s  NFO Viewer  DC++  QuickSFV  Alcohol120%   Nero
Peer Guardian  WinRar  DiscJuggler  oDC  File Extension Source  Freeware Files  PublicHubLists

Dreamcast NFO Rar Sets 1 2 3


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