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The Dionysus Home Page

No. 1 Rush The most mind-stupefyingly incredible rock band in the history of the universe!!

"Though we live in trying times ... We're the ones who have to try"

Click here to hear an excerpt from the Rush song "The Enemy Within (Part One of 'Fear')," which pretty much sums up my feelings about things. Click here to see the lyrics.

The above picture is an artist's rendering of Dionysus and Apollo for the cover of the Rush album "Hemispheres."

Click here for a life-altering book about Rush.

No. 2 The Monroe Institute The mecca of consciousness research.

Click here to see my world view, courtesy of Robert Monroe.

Click here to see a summary of my week-long Gateway Voyage experience at TMI.

Click here to hear a sample of TMI's Hemi-Sync, a trademarked, state-of-the-art audio technology based on the natural functioning of the brain that encourages coherent brainwave activity, and with which you can safely alter your brainwave patterns and experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states.

Click here to see a poem that describes one's mental state upon returning from TMI.

Click here for a life-altering book written by Robert Monroe.

No. 3 Humanity United for Global Evolution It can't hurt to try.

Click here for an online book written by the founder of HUGE.

No. 4 Coast To Coast AM Where crackpots and kooks abound... along with some incredibly thought-provoking subject matter.

Click here for more "crackpottery."

Click here for an outstanding book written by the long-time host of Coast To Coast AM.

No. 5 Chicago Sun-Times An outstanding newspaper.

Click here for a book written by Chicago Sun-Times editors.

No. 6 The Simpsons "Let the fools have their tartar sauce!"

Click here for an outstanding book about the Simpsons.

No. 7 The Three Stooges "Moe, Larry, the cheese!!!"

Click here for an outstanding book about the Three Stooges.

No. 8 Chicago sports We've got teams that lose... but sometimes they win.

Click here for a book about Chicago sports.

No. 9 The Holographic Universe The universe is a hologram. Cool, huh?

Click here for more on the holographic universe.

Click here for a life-altering book about the holographic universe.

No. 10 Illinois Department of Employment Security The place where I allegedly work.

Click here for a book about unemployment insurance.

Other web sites of note: Eric Hufschmid, 9/11 Truth, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Marc Stevens, Stefan Molyneux, Strike The Root, Bill Dembski, Creation-Evolution Headlines, Perry Marshall, Vote for the Worst, Chicago Cubs Message Board

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