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Meet the Characters
True name: Matthew Caruso.

Homeworld: Earth, Outer Rim

Physical Description: Score is an adolescent male, skinny, Caucasian, with black hair. He is also Italian.

Personality: Chauvinistic, cynical, funny, smart-aleck, sarcastic, and street smart --to name a few descriptive words. Score considers himself a loner and prefers to fend for himself, strongly valuing his independence. He even ran away from the Social Services. His wry sense of humor tries to mask the chip on his shoulder. His chauvinistic attitude causes him to constantly bicker with Helaine. Although he claims to be a coward, and tries very hard to avoid physical or magical confrontations, he will put himself at risk-- if need be-- for the lives of his friends.

Family Background: He is the son of the infamous, Tony Caruso, a criminal and gang leader. His mother was a gypsy. She died three years prior to the first Diadem book. Evidence points that Score's mother was once on Ordin and that Score is actually the son of Caligan, the deceased Arthurian king of Ordin. Score was beaten by Tony as a child, and believes he had direct involvement with his mother's death. As a result, Score is cynical and is very distrustful of people.

Other Facts: Of the three main characters, Score is the strongest in magic with the innate ability of Transmutation, (changing other objects). Score owns an amethyst, jasper, emerald, and chrysolite gemstones to amplify his magic. Later in the series there are subtle hints that Score may be developing a crush on Helaine, leading to much speculation among Diadem readers. Score is the reincarnated essence of Traxis, one of the infamous Three Who Rule(d).

True name: Shalar Domain.

Homeworld: Calomir, Outer Rim

Physical Description: Pixel is a skinny, adolescent male. Like most Calomirs, he has light blue skin, orange hair, and pointy, elf-like ears.

Personality: Pixel is a quick-witted, intelligent, easy going, patient, friendly, and intuitive. Although Pixel is easily scared, he can be quite courageous when the need arises. He is also a hopeless romantic, becoming smitten with almost anyone who is female and in his age group.

Family Background: Pixel hardly remembers his parents. Although they lived in the same house with him, he only received an occasional e-mail from them. Such is the way for the people of Calomir.

Other Facts:Unlike most Calomirs, Pixel was not content with his easy life in Virtual Reality. Pixel always longed to experience the real world and interact with real people. Pixel has the innate ability to make sense of scraps of information, (essentially, to do excellent detective work). He was the first of the trio to figure out that "Renald" was a girl. Pixel developed a small crush on Helaine early on in the series, but later fell for the girl Destiny. Mush to Pixel's chagrin, Destiny turned out to be a homicidal maniac (read Book 6). Later, Pixel fell in love with Jenna.

Pixel owns a beryl, ruby, topaz, and jacinth to amplify his magic.


True name: Helaine Votrin

Homeworld: Ordin, Outer Rim

Physical Description: Helaine is said to be 12 years old in the first Diadem book. A bit of a tomboy, Helaine hated wearing the Ordinian dresses her society forced her to don. As Renald, Helaine dresses in a pair of breeches, a heavy woolen tunic, and a cap to hide her long blonde hair. Although a skilled magic-user, Helaine prefers to rely on her non-magic abilities and still arms herself with a dagger, (kept hidden in her right boot), and a broadsword.

Personality: Helaine is regal, logical, aristocratic, stubborn, straight forward, impatient, arrogant, and short-tempered. Helaine's high code of honor, bossiness, and arrogance often tick Score off. Despite her love and thrill of battle, she doesn't enjoy killing.

Family Background: Helaine is a member of the House of Votrin, one of the most prominent on Ordin which governs the largest island on her homeworld. On Ordin, Helaine longed to gain her father's acceptance and pride. Unfortunately, Lord Votrin considered Helaine a burden, only valuing his sons. Helaine has 6 full blooded brothers, 6 married full blooded sisters, a stepmother, and 6 half sisters (unmarried).

Other Facts: A talented warrior & noblewoman, Helaine is well trained in horseback riding, archery, martial arts, sword fighting, hunting and navigating. She has the innate ability to sense oncoming danger and has heightened precognitive abilities. In order to gain equal rights in her sexist society, Helaine disguised herself as the male "Renald". Only her friend Borigen, from Ordin, knew of her disguise -- until Oracle betrayed her identity to everyone in the castle! Pixel was the first of the trio to discover that "Renald" was female. Helaine owns an amethyst, sapphire, onyx, and chrysoprase to amplify her magic. There are subtle hints in the book series that suggest Helaine may be developing a crush on Score. This has, of course, led to much fan speculation.


True name: Jenna

Homeworld: Kings Norton, Ordin, Outer Rim

Physical Description: Long black hair, thin, adolecent female, with dark tanned skin. Fairly good-looking.

Personality: Witty, intelligent, sweet, naive, and calm. Jenna was often left alone due to her "witch" status on her world, so she had to learn to fend for herself. Her old prejudices against nobles cause her to bicker with Helaine. Although Jenna abhors violence, she is brave and even willing to sacrific herself for others she does not like (such as Helaine).

Family Background: She has a deceased mother, whom taught her how to heal wounds with plants. Her mother was also a local spell weaver.

Other Facts: Jenna has the innate ability to heal -- a very rare talent among magic-users. Jenna was not one of the orignial Triad, however she is powerful enough to heal others even on an outer rim world. On her home world she was nearly stoned to death because the peasents thought she was a witch. She was saved by the unicorn Smoke. She gets along with Score, and is infatuated with Pixel who returns her favor. Her gems are carmelian, obsidian, citrine, & aquamarine.


True name: Unknown

Location: Rawn, Middle Circuit

Physical Description: Shanara's true appearance is unknown, as she is a master of shape-shifting magic. Her hair color changes on whim. She normally takes the appearance of a young, attractive woman with long hair. She also enjoys taking the form of a young centaur maiden. Her true age is also unknown.

Personality: Cautious, pragmatic, clever, loyal, caring, and fairly wise. She likes to tease her familiar, Blink the panda, but she really does love and care for him.

Family Background: Family members are also unknown. However, Shanara treats Blink as if he were a part of her family. She acts like a big sister / aunt figure to the trio.

Other Facts: Shanara is also very talented in illusion magic. At first, Shanara tried to eliminate Score, Helaine, and Pixel, afraid they were magicians out to kill her (as Helaine had killed Aranak). After a series of tests, Shanara discovered they were good kids and has been a valuable ally ever since. Shanara cannot travel further inward than the Middle Circuit or she will die -- she does not have enough potential magic. She relies on Blink (who enhances and channels her magic) for most of her spell casting.

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