02/05/05 - Latest Update (& Apologies)

Ok, ok, so I've been really lame at keeping this updated, it's not my fault, blame Microsoft. No seriously. Now I have overcome their weaknesses, expect regular updates. And you can take that to the bank my friend. ~ Addicted Princess x x x

19/02/04 - Don't forget, the new ep - "harness; a comedy" is on sale now at Probe Records, Slater Street, Liverpool (opp. The Palace)

18/02/04 - Check out the newly launched official page for all sorts of goodies...
New gig dates are on the gigs page.
For those of you who have missed The Creeg at the last 2 gigs, have no fear, he will be back on stage playing his ass off at the next gig!!

27/09/03 - Last nights gig @ the Zanzibar was eagerly anticipated and well worth the wait...
Set list included a mix of songs old and new, with a little surprise in the shape of Disguise Yourself/Ace Of Spades. The crowd were expecting a fair amount of heaviness at the midway point of the tune, but I don't think many were expecting it to be as hard as it was! The crowd went absolutely wild when it kicked in, and the boys looked like they loved every minute of it.
cd's were on sale last night, I myself made sure I got my copy signed! That'll live in my cd player for at least 2 weeks, hope my flat m8's don't object too much!!
Lastly, one big thank-you to Knl, Al, The Creeg n' Sanchez, for putting on an amazing performance x