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  Charleston Air Force Station  

Commanding Officers

1951 thru 1980 Closure

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1950 - 1951 - In 1950, Major Anthony J. Vannella, the CO of the 657th AC&W Sq at Dow AFB, became the 1st CO of newly created 765th AC&W at Charleston AF Station.
1952 - Major Anthony J. Vanella
1953 - Major William E. Swartz   (in 2010 living in mid-west. 90 yrs old)
1954 - Major William E. Swartz
1955 - Major Willaim E. Swartz 
1956 - Major William E. Swartz
1957 - Major (?) Perry
1958 - Major Carl Burak
1961 - Major George C. Marvin
1962 - Major George C. Marvin
1963 - Major George C. Marvin
1964 - Lt Col Marvin & Major Donald H. Masteller
1965 - Major Donald H. Masteller
1966 - Major Masteller /Lt Col Allan R. McClane
1967  Major Elton Kate
1968 - Lt Col. Deane S. Parmelee
1969 - Lt Col Deane S. Parmelee
1970 - Lt Col. Deane S. Parmelee, Lt. Col. William Evans
1971 - Col William Evans
1972 - Lt Col. Leland C. Thomas
1973 - Lt Col. Leland C. Thomas
1974 - Lt Col. Leland C. Thomas
1975 - Col Leland C. Thomas & Lt Col Jack W. Stover
1976 - Lt Col. Myers
1978 - Lt Col. Myers (Capt. Whelan for awhile ??)
1979 - Major Stymeist (the last commander, I believe.)
1980 - (Missile Squadron)Major Jamie Hill (as early as 1978??)
(After closing of 765th)

 Following is E-mail from  Michael Murphy

I arrived at CASF in August, 1964, and Maj., then Lt.Col. Marvin was CO through most of the rest of the year.  (I know he was there for deer hunting season).  Then Don Masteller assumed command until his departure for Viet Nam in the early spring of 1966 (he had us play golf with him at Pisquatiquis Golf Club while there was still snow on some of the fairways. Then came Lt. Col Allan McClane to be followed by Elton Kate.

     Following is E-Mail from Roxanna Swartz received May 22, 2010

     I found your email address on the Charleston Hill Radar Squadron website and am writing to let you know that I found it most interesting.  And to make a slight correction....
    My father, William E. Swartz, was commanding officer of the squadron from about 1953 to 1957 when he was transferred to Taiwan.  I note that you have misspelled his last name.  For the sake of future historians, I would suggest that the spelling be corrected.  There is no 'ch' in his last name.
      I was a little girl when he was stationed at Charleston Hill and we were among the first families to move into the new housing on the base about 1957. 
     My father is 90 years old now and living in the midwest. 

    If you have any questions or comments, I'd be happy to respond to them. Also, if there is someone I should write to regarding the correction of the spelling of my father's surname, please let me know.

    (Ed. note - spelling corrected May 22, 2010)