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NOTICE: This is the official web page dedicated to the development of Armenian ideology of national survival for the twenty first century. This ideology is called Armenism. No other web sites except those mentioned here are related to Armenism or represent the ideas of Armenism. No other websites except those mentioned here have inspired us to formulate the ideology of Armenism.

What is Armenism?

Armenism is a developing Armenian national strategy of survival with a potential to secure the continuous existence of the Armenian people, the Armenian nation-state, Armenian cultural heritage and the Armenian ethno-linguistic identity for centuries to come. Furthermore, Armenism is comprised of spiritual ideas and political ideas designed to accomplish regeneration of the Armenian cultural, political, economic, spiritual, intellectual and military capacities in the region of Caucasus.

The political goals of Armenism are the following:

- To promote the establishment of an efficient system of democratic government in the Republic of Armenia capable of providing security and adequate public services for its citizens.

The economic goals of Armenism are the following:

- To promote the establishment of a competitive economic system of market economy in Armenia, capable of providing sufficient legal framework for the development of a fair trade, proper banking and commerce that will significantly benefit the country and create large number of growing industries in Armenia capable of resolving the problems of joblessness and brain-drain.

-To promote the development and rapid growth of the profit generating and job creating industries in Armenia, that will propel the country to the rank of the leading nations in the world known for their advances in the fields of High Tech, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Chemical Industry, Medicine, Science, Education and Tourism.

The intellectual goals of Armenism are the following:

-To promote the establishment of a highly competitive educational system in the Republic of Armenia capable of exceeding world's educational and scientific accomplishments that will propel Armenia to the frontiers of the cutting edge science and scholarship that will enable Armenia to conduct a pragmatic diplomacy to defend its national interests in the region.

It is the goal of Armenism to promote the cultivation of a fertile ground for the establishment of Armenia as the regional mega-center of advanced knowledge and applied sciences, the new Heliopolis of the world scholarship.

The cultural goals of Armenism are the following:

-To preserve and promote the Armenian cultural heritage as the guarantor of preserving Armenian ethno-linguistic identity within the Republic of Armenia and its vast cross-continental diaspora. Specific components of the Armenian identity to be venerated are: the Armenian language, history, mythology and literature, food, dances, various traditions and customs, clothing fashion, arts, music and the importance of building strong families to enable our nation to grow and prosper.

For the Armenists, the significance of the Mt. Ararat and the Armenian language are that of a sacred value in the doctrine of Armenism. The beginnings of the world civilization in the Armenian Highland are that of a divine significance.

The military goals of Armenism are the following:

-To help the Armenia in its goal to accomplish sufficient military capabilities to be deployed for the defense of the country, for the defense of the Armenia's citizenry and its national interests.