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My Mustang, soon to get a makeover with 98 cobra wheels, five lug conversion, cobra body kit, and a nice, fresh, black paint job.
Besides having to change the speedometer gear you have completed the rebuild of your very own 8.8 rear end. If you have completed this install and this article has been fundamental please email me at I will have a page on this site with the names and email addresses of those who have rebuilt their rear ends so that others may contact you via email with any questions. Also, if you have any recommendations on how to make this site or the instructions more helpful please forward them as well. The goal of this website was to make you have the confidence to install your own gears/Traction Lok and to give you a feeling as if you've "seen it done before."
It is my sincere hope that your gear install is a successful one. This was all created for you, the Mustang enthusiast who takes pride in doing your own installs.
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