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Reference Page

The Cursed RPG, Reference Page

The Cursed RPG, Reference Page
The Cursed RPG

Cursed Logo 2009 by Edwin Holmes-Lauder

Here are just a few books and movies that either inspired or share the same sense of style as my game. This is only a very short list. I will probably add more as I think of them or find them. Just a warning, these links will open new windows for the sites.


A Madness of Angels (Kate Griffin) - Though the magic in the book is much more powerful than the magic in my game, it does have a similar feel to what I wanted to do with the game. Also there are many similarities between the types of magic users in the book and in my game. For example, the way the sorcerer feels the city in this book is similar to the way mstics feel the magic in my game (but the connection is weeker between the magic and the mystic). Also warlocks in the book are similar to shamans in my game, the main character also seem them much like most see the shaman in my game. The way the magic users divide themselves are similar to the game as well. And Bagger King, the Bag Lady, Electric Blue Angels, and Lord of the Lonely Traveller similar to Ideals in my game.

American Gods (Neil Gaiman) - The gods in this book are like the Ideals and Spirit lords of the game (except belief doesn't strengthen or weaken the spirit lords). The way the book deals with places of power is similar to what I intended for the game.

Dresden Files (Jim Butcher) - I swear I didn't start reading these books until at least a year after we started play testing the game and nearly all the concepts for the game were in place. Other than the magic being much more powerful in the books than in the game and a few other minor differences, these books and my game are very similar.

Darkside - Darkside is a free novel written and distributed by S.K.S Perry. It is a fun read and has a close feel to my game. Many of the creatures have a similar feel to those in my game. If you get a chance, this is a very fun read.

Black Womb series (Matthew LeDrew) I recently picked these books up and have really enjoyed them. Not exactly the same premise as the game, but has a similar feel. The main character has a secret that he must keep from the world or it could destroy him. The secret gives him power, but it also seems to draw him into the line of fire, or the line of fire is drawn to him because of it. Either way, his power gives him a fighting chance against the darkness in the world, but makes him fight the darkness as well. The series is rather dark and I can't wait for more.


Princes and the Frog - Good example of Voodoo and a Shaman who is tainted but still in good favour with spirits. Also a good example of punishment from spirits.

Push - A great example of psychics.

The Book of Eli - Eli is a great example of one of the blessed.

Fight Club - A great example of how the discordians work.

Supernatural This show has a very similar feel to my game. I had not seen it until about September 2010, but watch all 5 and a half season (what is out as I write this) in about three month. Well worth the watch.

Troma Entertainment - I can't believe I haven't put a link to Troma entertainment before now. While the movies of Troma didn't directly inspire the game, the philosophy and style of Troma movies have inspired me. Also, everyone should watch the Toxic Avenger at least once in their life.


Mage the Asention - This game is out of print but well worth looking up. While all the old World of Darkness series are worth looking into for the setting, Mage was a major insperation for the Cursed RPG.

Changeling the Lost - This game is similar to the CHangelings of my game. In fact, it was after a friend read my description of the changelings in my game that I found out that Changeling the Lost existed when he asked if I got my ideas from that game.

Gurps - Many of the third edition source books such as Spirits, Horror, Undead, Warehouse 23, Fearie (which is what inspired the changelings in my game)are great source material for the game.

Supernatural RPG I will admit I never had a chance to look this game over, but the show is great. Also, I have seen a few of the games that Margaret Weis Production put out and they were really good.


Nerdio - the Nerd Radio - Nerdio is a local nerd news and music radio show. Join them on facebook and listen in every Wednesday 3PM - 5PM Atlantic time.

Chris's Compendium of Free Role Playing Games - This is a list of several free rpg from all over the web. The person who runs this list was good enough to put my game on his list.

The Free RPG Blog's - This is another list of several free rpg from all over the web. The site also has rpg news and advice for writers.

John Kim's Free RPGs on the Web - This is another list of several free rpg from all over the web. The person who runs this list was good enough to put my game on his list.

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