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Group Bios

The Cursed RPG, Group Bios

The Cursed RPG, Group Bios
The Cursed RPG

Cursed Logo � 2009 by Edwin Holmes-Lauder

While I created the bulk of the Cursed RPG, this game would not exist if it was not for the effort and contribution of my gaming group. The game has changed some during play testing and I would like to thank the group for their help in making the game. Here is a little bit about the members of the group.

<Photobucket"> Michael Evans

I am a dreamer who wants to contribute something to the hobby I love. I have enjoyed role-playing since I was introduced to it in high school. I always wanted to be a writer, and since I got involved in role-playing I also wanted to be a game designer. I never realized how much work goes into designing a game, but it has been a lot of fun.

Richard Chilton

He is one of the most well read and intelligent person I have met. He has done the majority of the book editing, he has found more mistakes, misspellings, and grammatical errors than the rest of the group combined. Even better than that, he points them out without making me feel too stupid for making the mistake in the first place. He has been involved in role-playing games longer than the rest of the group and has a much better grasp of the history and details of the hobby than us as well. He understands the setting I am trying to create in this game better than the rest of the group and has suggested several books to read to help me get the feeling of the game down. He knows this game better than I do.

Edwin Holmes-Lauder

A better cheese monkey I have never met. Edwin loves to learn more rules, usually just to see how far he can bend them before they break. He devours gaming books, practically memorising them word for word. He can usually give you the book and page number for every obscure rule, and can find things in the Cursed RPG player's book before I can. He has helped clarify many rules, mostly by abusing them until I had to make sure they were so clear they shined. Not only did he help with the rules, but he fixed up and made the character sheet all pretty. He is also the one to design the logo for the Cursed RPG.

<Photobucket> Richard Hovey

He has been my best friend for years, and between Edwin and Richard, you'll never met better power gamer role players. Like Edwin, he likes to use and abuse rules. He can make the most cheesy, gumbied, min/maxed character imaginable, but will role-play it well. Richard is the biggest force behind the Cursed RPG getting play tested. When I mentions I was writing it, he was extremely excited about getting to play it. His enthusiasm got everyone else (including myself) interested and excited about playing.

<Photobucket> Lisa Wills

Lisa is a force to be reckoned with. Much like the fey stolen changelings she like to play in this game she can capricious at times, but when push comes to shove, she is reliable. Though it was shocking how long it took her to realize just how powerful her summoner could have been. Luckily for me she didn't read up on the talisman rules until it was too late.

<Photobucket> Greg McNamara

Greg has helped most of us learn the rules better, mainly because we have to explain them to him because he doesn't like to read beyond the first or second line. Then again, it is somewhat understandable, since he is the reason the game is still called the Cursed RPG. As our group has been play testing and changing rules, I have been sending one updated copies. Every time Greg would open up and start to read the copies I sent out, something bad would happen to a family member of his. So, I guess Greg is either the bravest, most dedicated, or cruelest member of our group. Whatever the case, thank you Greg for sticking with the game, and I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Owen Robicheau

Owen is the newest member of our group, but has helped contribute to making the game better. He tends to spend most of his time silent or making snide remarks, but when he contributes to the game, he makes a good go of it. Owen has proven that the language skill isn't as pointless as people seem to think, he is the translator of the group.