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The links are still up but you will not find any pics to most of these bands. I'm going to re-scan the pics and put them as thumbnails for better viewing. Check this section later in the week and some pics will be up again.

Amdi Peterson's Army |  Artimus Pyle |  Aversión |  Cattle Decapitation |  Los Crudos |  Discordia |  Dystopia |  Fronterrorismo |  Jenny Picolo |  Kontraattaque |  Lie |  Life's Halt |  The Locust |  Naked Aggression |  Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack |  Scholastic Deth |  Still Life |  Tragatelo |  What Happens Next? | 

The Last Scholastic Deth show |  The Aversión / Kontraattaque tour | 

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