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God is Power
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God is Power

Turning point in your life, you will be taught step by step how to draw power from Cosmic power or from Super power God..  He has helped me much, which I will teach you.  A small condition is that this step-by-step method is useful for the following only.


  1. That you are having faith in God, you are good at concentration, I will make you concentrate even otherwise, follow my steps.
  2.  Before taking this course if your mind is not that free, then please tell the mantra, ‘Om Nama Shivaiah’ for 3 days whenever you remember to say it. Any time.
  3. Now you are ready to receive my cosmic words.


All teachings will be published through the website   Only people e-mailing me will receive the teachings and will be able to find the step by step methods taught by me. Others will not be able to find these in my website.



  1. Any pain in your body vanishes by 10 days to 1 month.
  2. Consistent colds are no more.
  3. Sins recorded in your mula dhara is erased and businesses start clicking, this is directly linked with your practice and faith you are having in my system.
  4. You may start showing more love and calmness.  Some people show more anger if people do not function according to their wishes, eventhough they practice sincerely.  By trial and error you yourself will learn to overcome this.  The simple method is to retrospect about the incidents before going to bed and vowing not to commit that mistake next time. You will do it, I am sure.
  5. You will dislike medicines, and you do not need it also anymore, the cosmic power itself is a tonic a good medicine, the original one!.


Your friend,