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Team Megas- Destroying every obstacle in our path since the break-up of Forbidden Alchemy.


03-08-06- Steve's Page has been completely removed from the site, and major updats have been made to Eugene's. Also, a new "Advanced Techniques" section has been added to the site.

03-07-06- Sad news.... Team Megas has lost a member. Steve has gracefully decided to part ways. Do not fret fans, as interviews are in progress with new potential members.

Major cosmetics will be done to the site in the near future. I also have to do something about the forum issue, for it seems that my board has expired. Check back soon!

01-26-06- Team Megas is growing! Another member has been recruited, and the site is being updated as such.

Steve's section is about 85% done, and I have barely scratched the surface of Eugene's. A lot needs to be done to the entire site with the addition of the new members, including an entire redo of the team's main avitar.

Check back often for updates. A lot will be done to the site in coming weeks.

01/25/06- Greetings fans, long time no see. A lot has happened since the last update. 1. A new member has joined Team Megas, look out for his page coming soon. 2. Team Megas currently attended a tournament, well, Josh and Steve did anyway. Steve fought valiently, but was eliminated in the first round. But, Josh restored the good name of "Team Megas" and swept the tourney (Taking out the leader of PoS in the process).

10/28/05- A new video. Check it out!

10/27/05- A little bit of cosmetics have been done to the site. This is a big update because it also means that I have the "Video" page up and running. I only have one video at the time, but it is a step in the right direction. Keep in mind, I stopped playing the game for a few weeks and picked it up for the first time today. Enjoy!

10/16/05- "This game's winner is" Team Megas. With a truely great showing at GameCrazy's "Tournament of Champions", Team Megas walks away with another "W" (and $30 GameCrazy store credit). Though Josh was the only one to attend, Team Megas managed to take this grueling 1-on-1, double elimination tournament. Updates have been done to the "Accomplishments" section, as well as the "Coming Events" section. I will leave the status up untill another event is scheduled for Team Megas.

10/09/05- The crew match with Prophets of Smashtism went a-rye, and was canceled a few days before it was to take place. Not to worry, for Team Megas will be involved in a new event this month. Check the "Upcoming Events" section for details.

10/04/05- I ended up finding dramatically better forums. Now, it will not be a waste of your time to join. We already have quite a few members, but we are always looking for more. If you are reading this, we would love to have you join. See you there!

10/03/05- A time oppertunity opened up at the library, so I took it to update. I added a message board and a chat room. Also, the main page was re-formatted and the avatar was moved to the Pictures section. Regester and Post!

10/02/05- It is incredible how much work you can get done when you don't have much homework. A very productive day, Tyler came over to help. We made some touches to the team avatar, added an Accomplishment's and Upcoming events page, and fixed the broken links.

10/01/05- Much more work has been done, this is actually turning out well. Our Back Story and Contact Info are now up. More content has been added to each member's page. Enjoy!

9/30/05- I have covered a lot of ground in just a day. I have made a Member's page, and have updated the stats for Tyler and Josh.

9/29/05- This is it, the Team Megas site is finally up, all we have so far is the main picture and a bunch of potential pages lined-up. I will try to keep the page up to date. I will also try to add new content often.


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