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Updated 03.02.05

67 CAMARO Body Pics 1
67 CAMARO Body Pics 2
67 CAMARO Body Pics 3
67 CAMARO Shafiroff 622 ci Engine Pics 1
67 CAMARO Shafiroff 622 ci Engine Pics 2
67 CAMARO Shafiroff 622 ci Engine Pics 3
67 CAMARO Shafiroff 622 ci Engine Pics 4
67 CAMARO Detail Pics 1
67 CAMARO Detail Pics 2
67 CAMARO Detail Pics 3
67 CAMARO Detail Pics 4
67 CAMARO Detail Pics 5
67 CAMARO Detail Pics 6
67 CAMARO Restoration Pics
1973 De Tomaso Pantera Pics 1
1973 De Tomaso Pantera Pics 2
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With my Camaro RS It started all in 1989,i was looking for a nice Musclecar in Germany after i sold my 350HP 1965 Sunbeam Tiger.I would have an original Musclecar, one with the "Warrior Paint" like the Mopars from the sixtys. Then i found my new toy an 1967 RS Camaro with bumblebee stripe, redlines ,4speed 327,and in the original color of 1967 GM bolero red.A german US car dealer imported the car from the states where i bought it from. I had a lot of fun with the original car on a couple of car shows and on the streets for 7 years. Then in 1997 i decided to build a real show car and one of the fastest camaros on the street and the strip in germany.My time schedule was 1 1/2 years but i ended with 3 years .I striped the car complete and started with a 540ci in my mind but ended with a 622 ci (10,2 liter) from Scott Shafiroff Racing in new york, he is one of the best Pro Mod engine builders in the states. I spend 3 weeks on my USA vacation in shafiroffs shop to see how he did the job and and to see where my money was going.I got the best parts available from the market,no compromise all 110%.After tons of parts ordering in the US, assembling , detailing and days and sometimes nights in my Shop "Sorry Honey" ,the camaro was ready . The first time out with the Car was the "Nytro Olympics" in Hockenheim Germany I registered for superstreet 10.90 sec. Index and had no test on a strip before with the new engine combination . It was a way to fast (10.20 sec.) in the Quarter Mile for the 10,90 Class The best time was 9.96 and i had always a big crowd of people araund the car and answered questions.Now i live here in Florida and had a lot of fun with the car on the car shows and lokal cruisings here in florida.I won "Best of Show" "Best Engeneering" and the Gas prices here in the states are 1/4 of the German Prices. The engine had 904Hp and 820ftlbs of torque at the dyno,more tech specs from the Camaro Coming Soon . MORE TOYS Powerboats, Jet ski, Harley, Kreidler, Modellcar Collection, Coming Soon !!!! Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!
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