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A College Students Guide to Overcome Shyness


Read this article first - A summary of how to get your life back on track

Final article wrapping things up

The ultimate answer

Feeling like you fit in

How my life is currently

The building blocks of self confidence

What if you start to doubt yourself?

Talking to the opposite sex

4 steps to talk to women successfully

Misc Tips and Tricks

Believing in Yourself

Public speaking isn't so bad

The "old me" vs the "new me"

Actions that I took

Q and A

Putting your past behind you


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Shyness can be beaten

I'm a 24 year old college student who use to be very very shy around women and people in general. When looking on the Internet for shyness related resources, I didn't see much written by a High School or College student. And I didn't see many articles written from someone with first hand experience. Telling someone who is very shy to just "go out and talk to people" is alot easier said than done.

I don't know how shy you are. Maybe you just want to be able to talk to women more confidently. Maybe you want to be more outgoing in general. Or like how I use to be, maybe you really question yourself. Like asking, does anyone like me? Will I always be alone? What's wrong with me? The kinds of question that just kill your self esteem.

I talk about alot of those things on here. From little things like how much eye contact to make with women, to much deeper questions if you are really really shy. I've also added some inspirational quotes and personal stories in the articles.

**2006 update**

If you're 18, 19, 20, 21 years old (or older) and you haven't dated, gone out, with little to no socializing and you just feel lost in life, I would read the top article first, A summary of getting your life back on track.

You might just be convinced..."but I'm weird. But, I don't fit in. Girls aren't going to find me attractive. There's just...there's just something wrong with me. What do I say? How do I change?" That article is very long, but it's going to answer alot of questions.

After some more life experience, I've had these realizations, like .."Ohhhhhhh. This is what life is about." If someone asked me, "wow, how did you change?", that's the answer. That article summarizes everything else that I've written.


-Do you constantly worry about how others perceive you?

-Do you think everyone else is perfect and you are not?

-When speaking to others, do you sometimes blush, experience an increase in heart rate and generally feel anxious?

-Do you replay conversations in your head, constantly going over the things you thought you did wrong?

I use to do many of these things. I wasn't sure if people liked me, I was invisible to women, the thought of going to a social gathering or party seemed almost impossible. I've made radical changes since then, and even in the last 6 months, I've seen major major changes. Now I'm completely relaxed when talking to women (really beautiful women included :) ). My eye contact, body language and posture have dramatically improved and my general confidence level is much much higher. I'm more at ease with public speaking than I ever thought I'd be. Overall, things are much better!