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The Empire of the Alexandrians




Welcome to the official website for the Empire of the Alexandrians, an independent micronation with a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. We are mostly a "for-fun" micronation, but we do try to have a serious political simulation, with the hope of maybe beginning to aspire for nationhood or maybe even statehood in the future.


Our National Forums
You may visit our national forums, where most of the business is conducted. You need to be registered with our forums in order to be able to post.
The Imperial Government
Information on the Alexandrian government, such as ministries, the executive, the legislative and the judicial.
Internet Embassy - Ministry of State and Foreign Affairs (MSFA)
You may also visit the Internet Imperial Embassy maintained by the Ministry of State and Foreign Affairs (MSFA). In here you can find foreign policy statements, lists of diplomatic contacts and more.
The Alexandriaian Broadcasting and Communications Corporation (ABCC)
This link takes you to the official Imperial news provider, owned by the Imperial Government. It is updated regularly with local news. For more micronational news, you may go to the MNN website.
The History of the Empire of the Alexandrians
You can find information about Alexandria's real and fictional history in this section of the website, including a concise introduction to Alexandria titled "Alexandria for Dummies".
The Alexandrian Constitution of 2004
Official text of the Alexandriaian Constitution of 2004, product of the Imperial Constitutional Convention of Alexandria. It is Alexandria's current constitution.
Search Alexandria's Website
Trying to find something, but can't? You can search our website here.