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A few of my favorite Cushman Photo's

Welcome to all who enjoy Cushman Scooters.

YES, that is me on my 1959 Cushman Eagle with its Comet Clutch and 18 hp Vanguard motor (the frame came from Bear Hollow Fab and I love it). Bill Anderson and I built this beautiful machine in his garage using reproduction parts. Unfortunately, Bill had seriously injured his shoulder which really limited his mobility. Being retired I had some extra time so Bill took me "under his wing" and provided me with the opportunity to get some real "hands on" experience while we built this beautiful "Vanguard" Eagle together. I really enjoyed this experience as we stripped off all the original paint and built this beautiful Vanguard from the frame up to the finished product. I sincerely appreciate all Bill has done for me!

This Cushman is a real thrill to ride and I ride it frequently. Normally I keep my scooters in a special storage garage rented for this purpose, but I cannot resist bringing one home when the weather is good or when a Cushman buddy calls and says something like "lets go for a ride". It does not take much convincing to get me to ride my Cushman!

On the "spur of the moment" Bill, Gil and I will frequently get together and go for a ride on our Silver Eagle's, yes we always have a good time. We will gas up and head out, perhaps to Bellville where we always enjoy a good lunch at the local Chinese diner or perhaps ride to Hempstead and have a burger. These rides usually are a little over one hundred miles in length and are great Cushman rides. It sure is wonderful having good friends who share a common interest (especially when it involves riding a Cushman Eagle).

This 1959 "Vanguard" is my "hot-rod". I have a friend (Chad Bryan) who has a big Honda and we frequently ride together on some of the back roads not far from here. Yes, he has to "throttle back" but we still have a great time riding together. I imagine it is a lot more fun for me than it is for him but he does not complain and I am grateful.

Joanie and I riding our 1965 Silver Eagle on Charlotte Speedway. This OMC engine has been rebuilt and "stroked" by Al Gullion; the scooter otherwise has been been restored by Bill Anderson (with my help as his able assistant) and it is just beautiful! I call this Cushman Eagle "Lucky" because it was one of Bill's last Cushman repaints before he cut way back on his Cushman restoration activities. Yes, this is one very "Lucky" OMC!

How about this for taking a Cushman with you! Joanie and I really enjoyed this opportunity!

The owner of this rig tells me that this idea works out really well! This "Cushman rack" was specially built for this purpose at a local welding shop which specializes in RV welding and repair.

RUST...LOTS OF IT..."First you see it and then you don't". Diamonds may be a girl's best friend but, for a Cushman, a bead blaster is your best friend!

Texas Gulf Coast Cushman Bunch (My riding buddies)

(Above) This first photo is a picture of myself and Gil Kasparek as we are enjoying a good ride on a beautiful day! (YES...Gil loves to ride his beautiful 1965 OMC "Stroker" and has named this scooter "Elvira").

The second photo is of Bill Anderson and his lovely wife Brenda. The blue 1965 Silver Eagle on the right is mine and the red 1963 Silver Super Eagle on the left belongs to Bill. He has really brought that old rider back from the "dead" to become a true Cushman classic....a truly beautiful Cushman restoration. This has to be the most beautiful total Cushman restoration that I have ever seen.

(Above) Charles Roberson and his beautiful new Vanguard.

(Above) Homero Saenz and his beautiful Vanguard. Homero, this one is beautiful and from "following" you, I know that it runs great!

(Above) Richard Simpson and his beautiful Vanguard. These Vanguard Eagles are a real thrill to ride!

(Above) Gosh....Ron Hall and his current method of transportation. Ron, you just cannot hope to keep up with those Vanguards this way.

Oooops, perhaps he can. YES...This is Ron's speedster, the "Scooter-Chair". It comes fully equiped with a transmission, power brakes and power steering (of course, you do the powering)..How would you like to ride this at the next Cushman meet?

(Above) Twig (left) and Zoe (center) Branch live in Arkansas but that does not stop them from being very active participants in our Brazos Bend gatherings. They are also members of the Arkansas Vintage Scooters club which sponsors a wonderful meet each spring. Last but not least is our good friend Homero who is on the right. All three of these Cushman Eagles are powered by Vanguard engines.

(Above) Leonard and Jessica Keese live near Corpus Christi but frequently ride with us on our scheduled rides. Leonard and Jessica also ride a new Goldwing and really enjoy their retirement.

(Above)Our group meeting at Richard's place. We had a great ride that day!