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The UPIT RR now has five operating positions.

A)The Dispatcher (in a third bedroom using a computer with JMRI Panel Pro software)

B) Federal Yard Yardmaster

C) Springfield Operator

D) Two road engineers

(Below) Federal Yard, Union Station and Engine House. This is our first operating position with a full time Yardmaster.

Our Dispatcher is located in a third bedroom, he uses the JMRI Layout Editor version of Panel Pro. This software works very well and provides Dispatcher control of the main line turnouts. The Dispatcher never sees any of the traffic on the railroad.

With a click of the computer mouse, our dispatcher can throw the switches necessary to control traffic on the main line. For communication between dispatcher and road engineers, we use telephones. Each of the five major switching locations has a telephone with a sixth telephone located at the dispatcher's desk. We also have a back up radio case the road engineers "forget" to call the dispatcher when they arrive at their switching locations.

Well, that is our railroad. It is a "switching" model railroad with no continuous running. I hope you have enjoyed your "tour" of the UPIT RR and remember our motto...."If THEY can't do it, UPIT".