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Emergency Medical Services

Our EMS response is supplemented by the Alhambra-Hamel Ambulance Service. The service is a 24 hour a day Paramedic ambulance service and functions as a division of the Anderson Hospital Emergency Medical Services system, in Region 4A. This is a fire district ambulance service funded by the taxes of the Alhambra and Hamel Fire Protection Districts, and responds to emergency calls in both with 2 Advanced Life Support ambulances. This service is one of the most agressive and cutting edge in the Anderson Hospital System, being one of the first in the system to offer 12 Lead EKG analysis in the field, something once only offered in emergency rooms. This service also maintains some of the newest and most advanced products for pre-hospital patient care.

In critical situations, they can call upon the ARCH air medical services for 24-hour a day medical air ambulance service. ARCH helicopter is utilized for incidents such as serious car crashes, serious traumatic injuries, and serious medical emergencies when the care of the patient demands a higher level of medical care than offered by local hospitals. ARCH transports from the scene or from the local hospitals to the St. Louis area hospitals.

Firefighter/EMT's and firefighter/paramedics from the Hamel Fire Dept. have a great working relationship with and are frequently call upon to assist the crews of the ambulance on emergency calls and to cover shifts if needed.
The Alhambra-Hamel Ambulance service also provides continuing education classes for the fire departments in the surrounding areas, as well as Emergency Medical Technician - Basic level courses for the general public. Check out this website for upcoming classes.

For more information, please contact:

Firefighter/Paramedic Cory Heuchert
Hamel Fire Department
401 Old US Rt. 66
PO Box 371
Hamel, IL 62046-0371
Phone - (618) 633.2205
Fax - (618) 633.2110

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