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Hamel Pumper 2706

2001 Freightliner/E-One Pumper
1250GPM Hale Qflo Pump, 1000 Gal Poly Tank, CAT Diesel engine, two 12V floodlights, extrication equipment, 2 SCBA's with extra bottle storage in wheel wells, three preconnects, 1000' 3" supply line
Responds to vehicle fires, vehicle accidents with extrication, field and brush fires, structure fires as a supply pumper, and out-of-district mutual aid calls.
(This truck is featured in E-One's newest pumper brochure and is also featured in July of the 2002 E-One calender! Check it out!)

Hamel Rescue 2701

1986 GMC Rescue/Equipment (Volunteer Designed and Refurbished)
HURST extrication tools, Lifepak 500 AED, PPV fan, MSA infared camera, extensive medical equipment, 4 SCBA's with 8 spare bottles, air bags, chainsaw, and generator with floodlights and power cord reel
Responds to all EMS calls, vehicle crashes, and structure fires.

Hamel Pumper 2704

1995 Ford/E-One Pumper
1000GPM Hale Front mount pump, 1500 Gal Poly tank, extrication equipment, 4 SCBA's with extra tank storage in wheel wells, 25Gal AFFF concentrate, three preconnects, 1000' 3" supply line
Responds to all structure fires, large vehicle fires, and large field fires.

Hamel Brush Unit 2705

1987 Ford 4X4 Utility Truck (Volunteer Designed and Built)
100GPM high presssure-low volume pump, 225 Gal Poly tank, 100' 1" booster line, generator with two floodlights, 8 pressure water extinguishers, various brooms, shovels, rakes, etc
Responds to all field/brush fires, for traffic control on vehicle accidents, and structure fires for manpower and lighting.

Alhambra-Hamel Ambulance 4-A-35

2001 Ford/ Medtec Paramedic Ambulance
Responds to all EMS calls, vehicle crashes, structure fires, and calls for assistance in the Hamel and Alhambra Fire Protection Districts.

For more information, please contact:

Firefighter/Paramedic Cory Heuchert
Hamel Fire Department
401 Old Us Rt. 66
PO Box 371
Hamel, IL 62046-0371
Phone - (618) 633.2205
Fax - (618) 633.2110

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With a special thank you to Jeremy Paschall for the much apreciated help.