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Special hotels in Crete: Villa Filitsa in the Apokoronas
Villa Filitsa consists of four apartments in a beautiful old historic stone house that is situated in Kefalas in the Apokoronas district, close to Georgioupolis and Vamos. The house was once used by the Turkish general commander of Crete. There is a common pool with the property. Each apartment has a complete kitchen, and each bathroom has a fullsize bathtub. Every apartment is different and all of them have airconditioning. There is the "arches-room" with 3 Venetian bows that are 5 meters high, with a bed at mezanine level, a sitting corner and a dining area. This apartment is suitable for 4 people. Than there is the "harem-suite" that is 120 m2 divided over three floors. this space was once the place of the harem of the Turkish general. In the upper living space there are twelve windows with a view of the sea. This apartment is suitable for 6 people. The "bakery" is the former kitchen and this apartment is for three people. The last apartment is called the Venetian Suite and this used to be the village pub. this last apartment is suitable for two people. Everything and all the apartments are set up grand and large, and they are beautifully restored while keeping the original details.
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