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If you have a good tip for a car rental on Sifnos, Greece, than please mail me via the "mail me" button on the frontpage of the website (with all the Greek islands). In the near future we plan to visit the island for a week and during that period we would like to rent a good, reliable and if possible cheap car at an honest rent a car.


Rent a car on Sifnos - Sifanos Car Rental - Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sifnos through the hired cars and motorcycles of Sifano Car Rental. Sifano has the biggest fleet of cars and the best variety of vehicles available for rent in Sifnos, all in the best prices.

Tel: +30 2284033044 / Mobile: +30 6974849721 - Send an e-mail to Sifano Car Rental on Sifnos


Rent a car on Sifnos - Elmar Rent a Car in Kamares - Opened on 2007, the car rental office in the port of Kamares with the name 'Elmar', offers brand new cars for the exploration of Sifnos. Move along the island safely and with comfort with one of our cars. At Elmar Car Rantal Car Rental we pay special attention to your personal needs and your Comfort.

Tel: +30 22840 31040 - Send an e-mail to Elmar Rent a Car on Sifnos


Rent a car on Sifnos - Plus Niki Car + Moto Rental in Kamares - Move in all areas of Sifnos with safety, with one of the vehicles of Plus Niki Car and Moto rental. We have 15 years of experience and guarantee quick service and immediate delivery of all our cars we offer for rental.

Tel: 30 2284033993 +30 6972770480 - Send an e-mail to Plus Niki Rent a Car on Sifnos


Rent a car on Sifnos - Proto Moto Car Rental in Kamares - With two car rental offices in the port of Kamares, Proto Moto Car Rental is one of the biggest car and motorcycles rental offices in Sifnos. Rent the vehicle of your choice and explore beautiful Sifnos.

Tel: +30 22840 33791 & +30 22840 33793 / Mobile: +30 6946508918 - Send an e-mail to Proto Moto Car Rental on Sifnos


Rent a car on Sifnos - Potadas Car Rental in Kamares - Discover the unique beauties of Sifnos, from its magic beaches and the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea to the traditional villages and its picturesque settlements. Take a safe and credible vehicle and go on a tour around Sifnos; it shall be a unique experience!

Tel: +30 2284033973 - Send an e-mail to Potadas Car Rental on Sifnos

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