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The history of the island of Poros in the Saronic Gulf in Greece

Poros Island is part of various Greek myths. The daughter of a king whose city was besieged by King Minos of Crete fell in love with King Minos. The king of this city was immortal as long as he would cut his hair off. This love sick daughter Scylla, cut a lock of hair off her father and stole the keys to the city to then give to King Minos. But after King Minos had taken the town this love turned out not to be mutual. King Minos of Crete sailed back and Scylla desperately dived into the sea to swim behind the Cretan boats. In the passage between the mainland and Spetses, the "Cape of Skili", she eventually drowned.

Another myth about the island tells that the son of Poseidon, named Theseus, was born here. This was the hero Theseus who ultimately defeated the Minotaur of Crete (a monster, half man, half bull).

On the small island of Modi that lies just east of Poros there was an important shipping station during the Mycenaean period (1400 - 1100 BC).

During the Archaic period (700-380 BC) the major part of the old city Kalavria and most of the island was under the influence of the Troezen (a wealthy city on the mainland opposite Poros), which were part of the Trojan war.

When the Peloponnesian war broke out between Sparta and Athens (431-404 BC) the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf were also involved. In the 4th century BC Greece was under Macedonian rule.

After the death of Alexander the Great (323 BC) Poros came under Egyptian rule. From 86 BC to 395 AD Poros was occupied by the Romans, and then came, as did almost all of Greece, under Byzantine, Venetian and Turkish rule.

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