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Me on Patmos island

When the Turks occupied the island in 1537, this in a strange way, meant the beginning of great florishing for the island, because the Turks not just chased away the pirates to more western areas, they also didn't like to inhabit small and infertile islands like Patmos. This is why they left the local government to the monks, that could uninterruptedly spread the christian faith and the Greek language and culture. In 1713 there was even a very influential clerical highschool founded on the island.

After the aknowledgement of the Greek independance in 1832 the island remained under Ottoman rule, and after that the monastery, as did the Ottoman empire, started to decline.

At the beginning of the 20th century the island of Patmos became a part of Italy, together with the whole of the Dodecanese, until it was reunited with Greece in 1948.

Despite the development of modern tourism the moral and spiritual influence of the monks has stayed big, and religious days make up a large part of the life of the inhabitants.

Hans Huisman, 2013