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Parga beaches map, Greece, Griekenland
The beaches of Parga

There are quite a number of beautiful beaches in the area of Parga and I tried to put them in a list as well as possible, although the information that is given is contradictory here and there. I think the way I've put down now, including the little map, is more or less right. Valtos and Lichnos are the best known beaches of Parga. Both of them are located in a large bay and are equipped with all kinds of facilities for tourists, including the opportunity to practice water sports. Valtos and Lichnos are organized beaches where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. Valtos Beach is situated approximately two kilometers from the center of Parga and can be reached on foot in about 20 minutes. You can also get there by car, and in the summer there is a connection by taxi boat. The beach is 3 kilometers long and so even in high season there is still plenty of space. Valtos beach consists mostly of tiny white pebbles.

Lichnos Beach is located about four kilometers southeast of the center of Parga. It is sandy beach with some pebbles. Lichnos is also an organized beach with facilities. The beach can be reached on foot, but also by car or by boat. Special here is the cave of Aphrodite, which you can view with a boat or a pedal boat. According to myth, this is the place where the goddess of love took her bath.

In the town of Parga itself there is a quite a large sandy town beach with facilities. Here there are hotels, tavernss and you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds here. From the beach you look out onto the small islet of Panagia, on which stands a church.

Krioneri beach and Piso Krioneri beach are the nearest large beaches of the town of Parga. They lie on the edge of the center of the town and are on easy walking distance (1 to 2 kilometer). There are shops, taverns and hotels, and there are all kinds of facilities. The beach of Krioneri, which lies at 1 kilometer distance from the center of Parga is partly sandy and partly a pebble beach. In the sea in front of the beach lies the islet of Virgin Mary.

Piso Krioneri beach of Golfo Beach is located 2 kilometer from the center of Parga in a bay, which is protected from the wind by a backside hill with the church of St Athanasios on it. Piso Krioneri is slightly quieter than Krioneri beach. From the beach you look out on the islet of Virgin Mary and some other rocks that are in the sea (Skordas and Kremidas).

Sarakiniko beach is a beach which is situated eight kilometers west of the center of Parga. It is one of the nicer beaches in the area and it is a mixed sand and shingle beach. At the beach there are a few taverns and there are some accommodations in the area, but compared to some of the other beaches it is fairly quiet. The story goes that the beach is named after the pirate Sarakini, who was shipwrecked here. The locals did not know who he was and helped him restore his boat. The pirate wanted to abduct a bride that lived the village, but the population prevented this and then chased him away. Sarakiniko beach is accessible by car or by boat (water taxi).

Both north and south of Sarakiniko beach you can find other beaches. One kilometer south of Sarakiniko beach and 7 kilometers from the center of Parga is the more isolated beach of Agios Sostis. There are no facilities here. Agios Sostis beach consists of small pebbles. Above the beach stands the Agios Sostis chapel, which is built between two huge rocks. North of Sarakiniko at 500 meter distance you find the quiet beach of Beretiniko.

Agios Ioannis beach is a quiet pebble beach with no facilities, located 6 kilometers east of Parga. The beach consists of white sand and white pebbles. It is surrounded by a high mountain and is located in a protected bay, on the seabed there are some rocks, so it is advised to go into the sea with shoes.

Spartila beach is a quiet beach, at about 4 kilometer distance west of the town of Parga.

Ag. Giannakis beach is a small pebble beach at 7 kilometer distance east of Parga town. It is surrounded by olive trees and on one side there is a high cliff. It can get busy at this beach. There are no facilities at the beach, but apparently there is a small cantina here during the summer months, where you can get something to drink. Ag. Giannakis beach can be reached via a paved winding road leading from the main road. There is a parking near the beach.

The Pogonia beaches lie east of Parga. They are small tranquil beaches with pebbles and there are some rocks in the sea. It is surrounded by high cliffs and is it is very picturesque. Off the coast of the beach are some islands.

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