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Holiday in the Cyclades in May 2011 - New islands on the website

Hello lovers of the Greek islands, here is the update of my website The Greek Islands. If you have received this newsletter by mistake or if you want to unsubscribe please reply to this email and write "unsubscribe" in the subjectmatter.

Kamari Beach Santorini Santorini, Leandros Suites in Oia Thirassia, Riva Beach Kouloumpos Beach Santorini

Hello everybody, this is the first newsletter of 2011, and this time it is about our trip to the Cyclades in May this year. I have also added a lot of "new" islands to my site, and I wanted to inform you about this. I want to say "welcome and thank you" to all the new subscribers that are receiving their first newsletter, especially to the ones that left me a nice comment in their e-mail. Sorry if I haven't answered you. I always save up the adresses and put them in my address book all at once. I understand I have some fans of the Greek islands website that check my pages on a regular basis. That is so nice to hear and it makes all the work worth while.

Sooo....I hope everybody is doing well. In Amsterdam (Holland) it has been wonderful lately with lovely temperatures and lots of sunshine. I spend quite some time on my roof terrace and it feels a little bit like a holiday ever day. Not everywhere on the planet it has been so good though including in Greece, where they have had cold and windy days with plenty of rain. It looks like it is going to be better there in the coming weeks though with temperatures above 20 degrees Celcius and sunshine. Good....because we are coming over soon!

In a few weeks we will be flying to Santorini again for some island hopping. We fell in love with the island of Santorini when we went there the second time (hated it the first time but it was terrible hot at the time and we had the wrong accommodation and no car). It is good that we decided to give it a second chance. There is plenty more to see and explore. We will start at the same place where we stayed last time, the wonderful Leandros Suites with its amazing views of the caldera. Here we will stay for three days. Maybe we will make the daytrip to the opposite island of Thirassia again. We haven't seen any of the sites of this small island yet (sorry, spend all day on the beach of Riva). There are churches, a monastery and an abandoned village and there is a graveyard with the grave of a "vampire" :/.... We might also do this at the end of our holiday when we will be staying three more days on the island of Santorini in the village of Perissa. It could just be we will spend most of our time on the beautiful and quiet beach of Kouloumpos, which is close to Oia.

Milos Milos, Soultana Apartments, Rooms and Studios in Pollonia Ferry from Milos arriving in Kimolos Kimolos by the Windmill Hotel

The first island we will visit after Santorini is Milos. We wanted to go there before but somehow it was too complicated to get there with the ferries. This year it has changed and Milos now has a regular connection with Santorini and other islands. I believe that there is a ferry going up and down six times a week in 2011, so it is an easy option. We will be staying in Pollonia in the north of the island. We have reserved at Soultana Apartments which was recommended to us by a friend. Altough the accommodation is not really large there are all kinds of rooms, studios and 2-bedroom apartments, so it is suitable for individual travellers, couples, friends or families with children. It is close to two beaches, the mini-market and several seaside-tavernes. They also have a pool :). I will let you know how it was after I return.

From the village of Pollonia on Milos there are daily connections (by small ferry) to the opposite island of Kimolos. Since we are staying in Pollonia we want to take the opportunity to also make a daytrip to this island and maybe we will stay overnight. Since there are no cars for rent on Kimolos we will have to take our car from Milos with us. If we decide to stay overnight we are thinking about staying in the Windmill Hotel which is halfway between the harbour and the main town Chora.

Kimolos The Windmill, Kimolos Hotel Folegandros Santorini, Perissa Beach, Villa Roula Elafonisos, Simos Beach  Diamond Resort

Next stop after our five days on Milos will be Folegandros. It seemed a good idea and very easy because that ferry that is going up and down from Santorini to Milos six times a week also makes a stop at Folegandros. Here we stay for three days at the chora. The hotel is already booked but I haven't put it on the website yet. I will do so after I return. I can tell you already that it has a very beautiful view.

The final three days we will spend in Santorini, this time in Perissa. We have booked a maisonnette in Roula Villa. It looked good, it was cheap and it had good reviews. I know that the maisonette is for 4 people and there are only 2 of us, but we liked the seperate sleeping areas and the nice veranda that came with the maisonette. This accommodation is on the other side of the island and so it will be easy to explore a bit more the south and the east of the island. We still have to take a look at quite a few beaches and we haven't seen one single excavation on the island yet, so it is about time. After this it is finished and we fly home :(. We will than again have to wait for September when we will go to Crete (yes...agian and again and again, to regular readers of my newsletter this is no surprise, we go back every year if we can).

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New islands on the Greek Islands website

The last months I have also been busy adding new islands on the website and updating some of the others. These new islands are:
Alimnia and Chalki, two small islands west of Rhodes.
Amoliani, a small island near the coast of Halkidiki (mainland).
Elafonissos island, a small beach island off the Peloponnese coast (mainland).
Polygaios island, a small uninhabited island off the coast of Kimolos (which has been updated).
Poros island in the Sarononic Gulf.
Samothrace island in the northern Aegean.
Sikinos in the Cyclades (only half finished so far).
Skyros island in the group of the Sporades islands.
Spetses Island in the Saronic Gulf.
There is also a new item on the naturist beaches in the Peloponnese.

Okay people, this is the end of my newsletter. I hope to maybe see you in Greece one day and I wish everybody the best. I will be back with a new newsletter after my holiday in the Cyclades.
Take care, best regards,
Hans Huisman, webmaster of The Greek Islands.


Hans Huisman 2011