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Back from Samos and Fourni.

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Samos, Limnionas Beach Samos, Limnionas Beach Samos, Limnionas Beach Samos, Limnionas Beach Samos, Limnionas Beach
Samos, Limnionas Beach Samos, Limnionas Beach Samos, Limnionas Beach Samos, Limnionas Beach Samos, Limnionas Beach
Hello to all the fans of Greece, I hope that everybody is doing well. I returned from my vacation a few weeks ago and I've worked hard to get most of the photos and stories on my website. We started on June 3 with an early flight to Samos. Everything went well and, of course, we were the first two passengers that left the airport because we both had less than 5 kilos of luggage. Vivian of our car rental had arranged for a Jeep (Suzuki Jimni) for us at the airport and at the counter we just had to pick up the keys and sign the paper. The first stop was in Pythagorion for some breakfast and we also bought tickets for the ferry to Fourni, the next island where we were going. Also we made a little visit to Vivi of the car rental company just to say hello. We could leave the car behind Vathi where the ferry left for Fourni. Then we took a detour to the Lidl supermarket, where we loaded up the car with food and drinks, and went to our beloved Limnionas in the southwest of Samos. Ioanna received us with open arms and the ouzo and snacks were ready. The last hours of the day we spent in the shade of a tree on an empty beach around the corner of the village. It was good to return "home" in the cozy atmosphere of this lovely village. The days after we took the Jeep and drove around and visited places where you can not come quickly with an normal car. Yet, we often returned to one of the beaches near Limnionas. There was always one that was empty. The trip to the Cave of Pythagoras was an adventure because I am afraid of heights and was too scared to walk the last two metres to get there.
Fourni Fourni Town, Fourni stad Fourni, Kampi Beach Fourni, Kampi Beach Fourni beach, Fourni strand
Fourni Town, Fourni stad Fourni Town, Fourni stad Fourni Town, Fourni stad Fourni Town, Fourni stad Fourni Town, Fourni stad
After four days Limnionas it was the turn for a visit to the island of Fourni. The small ferry departed from Vathi at a quarter past two and then made stops at Karlovassi (Samos) and the islands of Ikaria and Thymena before it arrived at the final destination. Meanwhile it was already half past seven. Fortunately the Archipelagos hotel where we had booked was quickly found. It was near the ferry at 50 meters to the left. It turned out that the hotel had only been open for three days and everything was brand new. We were the first "residents" of the room. The hotel was very nice and had luxurious furnishings and we had a nice balcony overlooking the bay and the village. Fourni City was a very friendly place with friendly people, nice small houses, good tavernas and a beach. We made a lot of walks on the island, sometimes under the burning sun and we have been on some very nice beaches of our own (empty). For all the information available go to the Fourni page .
Samos Samos Samos Samos Samos
The last four days we spent back on Samos and fortunately we had a faster ferry this time (GA Ferries), which only took about three hours. First we had plans to go to Ikaria or Thymena, if even for a day trip, but we didn't like the departure time of the ferry (seven thirty in the morning) and in the evening it was often too cosy on the balcony and it was quickly too late. We have therefore decided to do this in one of the upcoming holidays. On Samos, we were welcomed by Eleana of Eleana Apartments and we had a studio on the ground floor with two verandas there. It was decorated simple but for us it was just fine and we felt right at home (and it was cheap as well). Eleana was very nice and she was good a baking cheese pies as well (she went along the doors of the complex and gave them to the guests). We took a look at a number of beaches on the east coast of Samos and also visited the churches and monasteries there. In Ireon we took a good look at the temple of Hera. Well, that was the holiday in a nutshell. I have uploaded a few hundred photos and put them on the Samos page together with a lot of additional information. You can see it all at the Samos page .
Ithaca Griekenland Ithaca Griekenland Ithaca Griekenland Ithaca Griekenland Ithaca Griekenland
New are also the pages of Ithaca in the Ioanian Sea and the island of Thymena. Also on the page of Kefalonia there are a lot of new pictures added and some extra info. Thanks everybody for your attention. I wish you all the best and lots of Greece. Take care, kind regards, Hans Huisman.

Hans Huisman www.angelfire.com/super2/greece 2008