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HOLIDAY ON NAXOS - an email from Rita Woldring

Kalimera Hans,

Last thursday we returned from a lovely holiday on our favorite island Naxos. Just like you, I now have a substantial holiday hangover; it is hard to get used in this sad and colorless Holland. Off course it is a completly different kind of life that you live in Greece; here you are mainly inside your house... To keep the feeling of the holidays a little bit longer, I occupy myself by staring at our holiday pictures, listening to the music of Dalares and Parios and of course I study the websites about Greece, amongst which is naturally yours

During our holiday we made a daytrip to your beloved Antiparos; we visted the caves and the famous camping beach; to be honest, this beach was a bit of a disapointment but this is probably because we are used to the wonderful beaches on Naxos. When we wanted to eat something at Yorgis Taverna in the afternoon, they were unfortunately closed at that time; such a shame!

From our pictures I have added a small selection. The nrs. 3042 t/m 3170 are made on Naxos; the pictures starting with nr 3186 will probably look familiar...:)

I will keep a close watch on your website and I am curious about the updates, especially about the subject of naturisme, because there is not a lot of information to be foundabout that (except for the site of Captain Barefoot).

I'm gonna stop now and wish you all the best!

Antiparos. Antiparos. Antiparos. Antiparos. Antiparos

Hans Huisman, Rita Woldringh, 2013
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