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Mykonos naturist beaches: AGIOS SOSTIS BEACH
Agios Sostis in the north of Mykonos is in my point of view one of the nicest and most relaxed beaches of Mykonos. It's pretty uncultivated, and it's mostly quiet, especially compared to some of the other beaches on the island. There are no beachchairs and no umbrellas, and nudity is allowed at the end of the beach. A perfect sandbeach for a swim. It's position on the island also asures that not too much rubble washes ashore, so it's quite clean. Bring a bottle of water with you when you go there.

Agios Sostis The beach of Agios Sostis Agios Sostis Beach A small beach around the corner of Agios Sostis

Mykonos naturist beaches: ELIA BEACH
Elia beach can be reached by bus from mykonos town in about half an hour, or in 45 minutes by kaik from the village of Platis Yialos. It's probably the best beach of Mykonos, with a nudist part and a mixed part (nude and dressed up in swimming outfit next to eachother). It used to be my favourite beach, because of the relaxed atmosphere and the quality of the beach itself. But more and more people seem to find it nowadays, and the relaxed atmosphere is slowly fading away. Elia is less crowded than the overrated noisy and packed Paradise and Super Paradise beaches. It has a couple of restaurants and some major expensive hotels. The connections to Elia are rather poor and limited and especially going back by bus after a day of sun can be a total crime! Next to Elia beach you will find another quiet and good beach, Agrari.

Elia Beach A kaik arriving at Elia Beach Elia Beach A kaik arriving at Elia Beach

Mykonos naturist beaches: FOKOS BEACH
Fokos beach is situated in the north of Mykonos island in the bay of Myrsini. It's not on all the maps of Mykonos, but it can be reached after taking a turn in the village of Ano Mera. Fokos Beach is one of the nicest beaches on Mykonos island, a big sand beach, with a place for nudists as well. There are no facilities on the beach like sunbeds and umbrella's, but there is one taverna, which is actually one of the best tavernas of the whole of Mykonos with comfortable chairs, a view over the beach, and off course delicious food.

Fokos Beach Fokos Beach Fokos Beach Maxim and Methismennos on Fokos Beach

Mykonos naturist beaches: KAPARI BEACH
Kapari beach is a small and relatively undiscovered small beach a ten minutes walk away from Agios Ioannis Beach, in the south west of the island. When you walk to the church at the end of Agios Iaonnis beach you can see the sign. People told us that you could swim in the nude there, but when we arrived there were two families on the beach and they were in bathing outfits :(.

The rocks along the coastline between Agios Ioannis and Kapari. Kapari Beach Kapari Beach. The coastline.

Mykonos naturist beaches: MY SECRET BEACH
Aha...you are there :)...this is my absolute favourite beach on the island: my secret beach. It actually consists of two beaches next to eachother. It can only be reached after driving over a dirt track and you will not find this beach on most of the road maps. It's going to stay our little secret. It's defenitely worth the trip. This is one of the most quiet beaches on Mykonos, and there have been times that we were the only visitors. It's also a good, clean beach, without the usual rubble you find on some of the deserted beaches. There are no facilities like a restaurant or a hotel yet, allthough in 2005 there was construction work going on. They seemed to be busy building an apartment block. In this place it feels not just like you are on another island, it seems more you are on another planet. This is my secret ;)...

My secret Beach My secret Beach My secret Beach My secret Beach

Mykonos naturist beaches: PARANGA BEACH
The walk from Platis Gialos to Paranga is a nice and pretty one. You just walk to the end of Platis Gialos beach and turn right into the dusty road leading upwards. It's about a 20 minutes walk along the coastline. It's also possible to take a kaik (small Greek boat) in Platis Gialos if you want to go there. Paranga village is just a small village with some restaurants on the beach, a supermarket and a big camping. It's also possible to rent a room or a studio. It's very quiet and doesn't see much traffic. There's a bus going from Mykonos Chora to Paranga every whole hour, and it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get there. I like Paranga a lot because it's so peaceful, but prefer to stay in Platis Gialos, because Platis is better serviced by the busses and the taxis, and there's just a little more choice for everything.

Paranga Beach View over Paranga beach. A sailing boat in Paranga Bay. The beach halfway between Platis Gialos and Paranga

Mykonos naturist beaches: SUPER PARADISE BEACH
Personally I have no idea who made up the names of Paradise and Super Paradise Beach, because in my view they are far from Paradise. Paradise beach is a crowded beach with loud music all day, coming to a climax after 5 o'clock in the afternoon, when it turns into a disco. Okay, it can be fun for a change, but for me not every day. Even more crowded so is Super Paradise beach, with no clothes option, and lots of gays. There are just not enough umbrella's and grains of sand to accomodate all the people that visit. You have to walk around for half an hour looking for a spot where you can put your towel. For me a defenite "no thank you". Old pictures here because I never bothered to go back. If you want to see it for yourself feel free. You can go by bus from Fabrika Square in Mykonos Chora or take the kaik (boat) from Platis Gialos.

The beach at Superparadise. Picture by our friend Charmian Ingham. Superparadise Beach Paradise Beach My friend Maxim somewhere in the middle between Paradise Beach and Super Paradise