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On Koufonissia there are many good sandbeaches to chose from. Below are a couple of them. In between these beaches you will also find small coves with sand.

Megali Amos and Loutro Beach - In the village / port of Megali Amos there are two town beaches. One of them is the main beach in the port where also the ferries sail in. This beach is okay for sunning and swimming. The other beach is called Loutro Beach and is not really suitable for swimming. There is a caique repair yard in the bay and the beach is covered with uncomfortable big stones. Also there are a lot of plants in the water. You COULD go in for a swim, but why bother since there are so many other great beaches on the island.

Parianos Beach - The beach of Parianos is situated in the west of the island if you continue the walk from the port to Loutro and walk on. This is also not one of the best beaches, since it has seaweeds and plants in the water and it is not very clean.

Finikas Beach - The first beach east of Chora is called Finikas. It is very close to Charakopou beach and where one beach ends the other starts. Finikas is the first beach in te row of good beaches east of Chora. It is only a 15-minute walk from Chora. The beach of Finikas is a really small sandy beach but extremely beautiful. Finikas is a textile beach.

Charakopou Beach - The next beach in the row is called Charakopou. There is a taverna on the beach and some accommodation. The beach is surrounded by trees and green. Near this beach is also the camping site of Koufonissia. Like Finikas this beach is a favorite for families. This beach is the last option for buying water and food because past this point there are no more tavernas.

Thanos Beach - Thanos Beach is situated a little east of Charakopou. This is also a textile beach and a favourite with the younger generation who like sea sports and surfing, and several smaller coves for those who wish for some privacy.

Platia Punta Beach - This beautiful beach is the first beach that is in use by the naturists and it is party textile partly nudist beach.

Pori Beach - As you walk from Platia Punta Beach to the most eastern of the beaches, Pori beach, you will run into more beautiful small cave beaches. Pori Beach, which is set in a protected bay, is easily the best beach of the island. It is a beautiful large sandy beach with some dunes behind it. It is partly textile but a favorite beach for the nudists.

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