Everywhere you go in Anafi it's quiet. The harbour is small, but we liked it. It has a nice small beach, and the people are friendly. Whenever we went to that beach we were alone. Klissidi, our base, has a nice large beach with good sand and a bit of waves. It's also very quiet: well, all the beaches that we visited were quiet and good. A little walk to the east will bring you to a couple of other large beaches (also for naturists), but you have to bring good shoes and not beach-slippers like we did.
Dinner in Klissidi gives you two options. You either eat at Margeritas, who usually has two different main-dishes and two or three side-dishes on the menu (and she is a good cook!), or you walk downstairs and look into the pots and pans of her downstairs neighbour, and maybe peek into her oven to see if there is something there as well. We loved that.
At Margeritas you can also have your breakfast and enjoy the great view. If you like it absolutely quiet than this is your island. There are hardly any cars, maybe just a couple, and at the beginning of Klissidi the road stops. In the evening there's not much to do, but we had a good time sitting on the terrace eating, drinking lots of ouzo, and talking to the other guests (a special kind of people come here and return every year)

Boozer blocking your view on Klissidi.

The beach of Klissidi and a view from the terrace at Margeritas.