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If you come to Kalafatis it's like coming to another island. It's very un-mykonian. This is where you get away from the crowds and find your rest. Kalafatis is a very long stretch of sand with some hotels on one side and a little authentic, charming Greek village on the other side. Also here there are a few rooms for rent. I just LOVED it. The little village comes with a beautiful harbour with kaiks and yet another small beach. There are one or two taverna's and that's it. On the other side of the hill you will find the beach resort of Agia Anna, more modern and less to my taste, but also with nice kaiks in the blue turqoise water, and a good sand beach. Music here sometimes :(, so it's not for me. Kalafatis has some wind every now and then, so it's also the windsurf center of the island. In the little village between the two hills (opposite the main beach) just above the Venetian remains there is a wonderful fish tavern called Markos, with a pond inside the restaurant where the fish are swimming, and a beautifully decorated wall.

Kalafatis village The small village beach Maxim in Kalafatis Alge on a pier...
A yaught in Kalafatis Beach The big beach of Kalafatis A kaik in Kalafatis The small village of Kalafatis as seen from the main beach
The wallpainting at Markos taverna A bell hanging in front of Markos taverna A kaik in Kalafatis Me and Methismennos posing in Kalafatis