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Travel to Folegandros in Greece - the ferries to Folegandros
Folegandros Aegean Speedlines ferry Piraeus - Sifnos - Milos

Folegandros has regular connections with the mainland (Piraeus - one of the ports of Athens). Sea Jets Consortium has a fast catamaran (passengers only) leaving in the morning and arriving in Folegandros (after a stop in Milos) some 4 hours later - you can check their website. Also check the websites of "Aegean Speedlines" (with a car ferry - route picture on the right, after Milos the ferry goes on to Folegandros) and "Zante Ferries" that have a connection with Folegandros and that makes stops at several other islands. All this said, it is wise to check the initiaries of the ferries on the internet in advance because they often change, and also from year to year things and routes can change. The nearest airport to Folegandros is situated on Milos island, but it is only for domestic flights since this is not an international airport. It is also possible to fly to Athens and than take a plane to Milos and from there take the ferry.

From 2011 there are also daily ferries going from Santorini (Thira) and from Milos going to Folegandros. From Santorini the trip takes about 50 minutes, from Milos a little over an hour. For schedules and a possibility to book a ticket - click here.

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