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Corfu, Issos Beach Corfu, Issos Beach Corfu, Issos Beach Corfu, Issos Beach Corfu, Issos Beach

Corfu beaches: Issos Beach - This beach is located on the southwest side of Corfu island under Lake Korission and just above Agios Giorgos. You can see this village laying in the distance from the beach. Issos Beach is a long and wide sandy beach. It lies at the end of a narrow paved road that ends at a parking lot. The last meters to the beach are over a dirt road, which can be driven over with any normal car. At the beach of Issos is a taverna and there are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. There are also opportunities for water sports. The stretch on the north side of the beach, where no sunbeds are rented out, is also used by naturists. It must be said that that part of the beach was not cleaned when we visited and therefore there was a lot of seaweed and quite a bit of garbage on it. In the sea opposite the beach lies the small island of Lagoudia.

corfuCorfu beaches: Agios Giorgios and Santa Barbara - Another bathing resort on Corfu with this name and not to be confused with the village in the northwest of the island with the same name. This Agios Giorgios is situated in the southwest of the island beneath the lake of Korission. In Agios Giorgios there are several long sandbeaches around a cape, and outside the village there are more sandbeaches to be found, some of which are unofficially (or used as) naturist / nudistbeaches. All the beaches together between the lake of Korission and the beach of Santa Barbara, stretch for almost 12 kilometer, and so you will allways find a quiet spot for yourself. The village od Agios Giorgios itself is not very authentic and mainly build with an eye on tourism. You can practise all kinds of watersports here and it is a nice place to swim. In the surroundings there are several small hotels and many of them are in the shape of apartmentbuildings, bungalows and villas. The bus between Corfu town and Agios Giorgios only goes once a day. Santa Barbara (also named Agia Varvara) is situated just south of Agios Giorgios and it is more quiet. There is a large and wide sandbeach with a couple of tavernas on it, and you can also rent a room here. There are a few shops in the village as well. santa Barbara is a coastal village where lots of building is going on. In the surroundings there are other beaches to chose from, like Kanouli, Halikouna, Skidi and Prasoudi, where it is also quiet, and where you can for instance rent a villa or an apartment if you want to get away from it all.

Corfu, Paramonas Beach Corfu, Paramonas Beach Corfu, Paramonas Beach Corfu, Paramonas Beach Corfu, Paramonas Beach

Corfu beaches: Paramonas - In the west of Corfu between the beaches of Agios Gordis and Prasoudi is the beautiful sandbeach of Paramonas. in front of the beach in the sea are some rocks. This is a quiet beach with sand and a couple of pebbles, and there is not much accommodation to be found in the surroundings. There is one hotel, the Paramonas Hotel, and there are some apartments and villas for rent. Besides that there is at the beach just a handful of tavernas and one mini-market, and there is no nightlife. Here you go to for peace and quiet. The village is small and not many people live there. it is possible to rent a sunbed and an umbrella though. At a 2,5 kilometer distance is the village of Matteos where you can catch the bus to Corfu town, that is around 25 kilometers away.

Corfu, Korission Lake Corfu, Korission Lake Corfu, Korission Lake Corfu, Korission Lake Corfu, Korission Lake

Corfu beaches: the lake of Korission - This large undeep lake is situated just above the village of Agios Giorgios in the southwest of the island of Corfu. It is a protected nature reserve. In this area around the lake there are kilometers of long beaches and sanddunes, and it is a good place to take in some sun. It is prohibited though to swim in the lake itself. There is an interesting flower and animal life in and around the lake. It is is sweetwater lake and lots of birds are attracted to it (over a hundred different species), like wild ducks, flamingos, sometimes an ibis and many rare species of birds. At the lake you can also find special kind of flowers, like lilies and orchids. The lake is six square kilometers in size and it is protected from the sea by a row of dunes, and so at the seaside there is a large beach. Here it is not very busy.

Corfu, Chalikounas Beach Corfu, Chalikounas Beach Corfu, Chalikounas Beach Corfu, Chalikounas Beach Corfu, Chalikounas Beach

Corfu beaches: Chalikounas Beach - At the north side of Lake Korission. The last bit goes over a dirt track along the lake. Sometimes used by naturists. Chalikounas Beach is a sandy and unorganized beach without umbrellas and sunbeds for rent.

Corfu, Kanouli Beach Corfu, Kanouli Beach Corfu, Kanouli Beach Corfu, Kanouli Beach Corfu, Kanouli Beach

Corfu beaches: Kanouli Beach - Just above Chalikounas Beach, north of Lake Korission, are the beaches of Kanouli. The pictures here are of beaches just outside the actual village. You can reach them via a path. All the beaches that we saw were abandonned and had no facilities, so it is likely that they are also good for naturism.

Corfu, Prasoudi Beach Corfu, Prasoudi Beach Corfu, Prasoudi Beach Corfu, Prasoudi Beach Corfu, Prasoudi Beach

Corfu beaches: Prasoudi Beach - North of Kanouli, in between Kanouli and the beach of Paramonas, on the west side of the island Corfu, you find the small, picturesque and clean sandy beach of Prasoudi. There are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent and there is a taverna at the beach.

corfuCorfu beaches: Petriti and Boukari - Petriti and Boukari are two small villages that are situated in a bay (the bay of Lefkimmi) in the southeast part of Corfu. Petriti is the largest of the two villages. Here tourism is not the main thing yet, and though there are some facilities, it is not on a scale yet like it is in for instance the villages of Kavos or Messonghi. The nightlife is not very spectacular, with a single bar, some shops and a couple of tavernas. There are no facilities like sundbeds at the small pebble beach in the village. Just outside the village in the north and in the south there are several other sand beaches you can chose from. There are no hotels, but you can rent a room here. Boukari is placed a little north of Petriti and in this village you can find a couple of small hotels. Both villages are quiet and quite authentically Greek, and it is for people that like it quiet and that like to see the real Greek life.

corfuCorfu beaches: Kavos - All the way in the southeastern point of Corfu, just before the cape of Asprokavos with its abondonned monastery, lies the "party village" of Kavos with its beautiful three kilometer long beach. It is a village for young single people that enjoy the nightlife because Kavos is a vibrant place with lots of bars and discotheques that stay open until early in the morning. There are also plenty of restaurants and, mostly smaller, hotels and apartment buildings, and also villas to chose from for accommodation. All facilities like umbrellas and sunbeds, and a variety of watersports that you can do are here. From Kavos it is also possible to make daytrips to the nearby island of Paxos. The beach is shallow and so it is easy to get into the water. The view is of the mainland of Greece. There is a regular bus connection with Corfu town which takes about two hours. Just like in many other villages of Corfu it is mainly visited by people from England.

corfuCorfu beaches: Gardenos - The long and beautiful beach of Gardenos is situated all the way in the southwest of the island, at about 12 kilometer distance of Kavos (but then on the other side of the island). In the background of the village there are olive tree fields, fields with wine grapes and fruit trees. This beach is as good a unspoiled and on many road maps of the island it is not even mentioned. It is not far from the traditional old village of Vitalades, with its nearby monastery, and at a 35 kilometer distance of Corfu town. At the beach there are a couple of hotels and there are a few apartments for rent. There is also a handful of tavernas and a mini-market. Gardenos drives its name from the Gardenos river that floats int the sea here, and that divides the beach into two. This beach would be a good option for people that want to escape the crowds in Corfu.

corfuCorfu beaches: Molos - The beach of Molos is surrounded by olive trees and saltpans in the southeast of the island of Corfu, at about halfway between Boukari and Kavos (at 4 kilometer), close to the village of Lefkimi. Corfu town is about 45 kilometer away. The village has got a sandbeach and the sea is shallow. There are some hotels, apartment buidings, taverna and shops, but the amount of tourists is nothing compared to for instance Kavos, to whic it is so close. Here you can still find peace and quiet. The disco's are not here. Instead there isa harbour with small wooden fishingboats and close to the village there is also a cute small church (the Agios Ioannis church). Because the sea in Molos is so shallow it is also a place suitable for families with small children.

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