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Aspronissi, Aspronissia Aspronissi, Aspronissia Aspronissi, Aspronissia Aspronissi, Aspronissia Aspronissi, Aspronissia
The island of Aspronissia in Greece

Aspronissia is a small island on the east side of the Lipsi archipelago in the Dodecanese, which consists of several islands north of the island of Leros. Except Aspronissia there are more small islands such as Arefousa, Kalapodia, Frango and Plavi. Lispe island itself covers an area of 16 km2, the entire archipelago of islands measures about 23 km2.

The island Aspronissia rises from the sea as a high white bare rock with some low shrubs, and the small island has an attractive sand / pebble beach surrounded by turqoise waters. From Leros islands there are organized trips to Lipsi during the tourist season , some of which also visit the island Aspronissia, such as the Barbarossa which leaves from the town of Agia Marina around 11 o'clock to discover this quiet part of Greece. It is really a trip to relax and look at the beautiful scenery and beaches. After a day of boating and swimming, you come back on Leros at around seven o'clock in the evening.

There are no amenities on the island of Aspronissia (no umbrellas or sunbeds, no taverna) and no accommodations. Hotels, apartments and studios you can find on the nearby islands of Lipsi and Leros.

Hans Huisman, Marianna Angelou of the Archontiko Angelou Hotel on Leros, 2013
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