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Below are a few restaurants and tavernas that we have we visited during our stay on Andros island. The reviews are personal and maybe you do not agree with us, but I will not adjust my opinion because you think differently. Conditions can also have changed. The ratings are therefore subjective.

Andros restaurants - 7th Heaven Coffeeshop in Andros Chora

7th Heaven Coffeeshop can be found on top of the stairs leading from the beach in Andros Chora. It is on the square at the end of the long shopping street. They mostly serve crepes, but only when they have the time. The staff was more occupied with making telephone calls to friends and relatives, and just ignored the customers. When we finally got to place an order 10 minutes after we sat down the waiter was very unfriendly. Besides the extremely bad service it was also quite expensive. The pancakes we give a reasonable 7, but the service we give a 1, the worst.

Our verdict: AVOID!!

Andros restaurants - Pita of Achora in Andros Chora

The waiters of the 7th Heaven Coffeeshop should take a course in the Pita of Achora, which is situated in the beginning of the main shopping street looking out over the main big church. The tables and chairs are on both sides of the street. The above restaurant should also copy their prices. Here service is with a smile, friendly and superfast. They have pitas for only 2 euro (in 2006), and several dishes with meat and salads which are very cheap.

Our verdict: very good, a 9,5 out of 10.

Andros restaurants - China Dragon Restaurant in Batsi town

A remarkable sort of restaurant for a Greek Island, China Dragon Chinese Restaurant in the harbour of Batsi, is decorated in the Chinese red style, and serves great food. The variety is like in any Chinese restaurant and includes Peking duck, pork, shrimps and beef. Rice or noodles should be ordered seperately. It's a nice change from all the Greek tavernas and pizza places. The restaurant is run by Chinese people and it is not expensive. Nice view over the harbour of Batsi.

Our rating: good, 8 out of 10.

Andros restaurants - Litsas Pizza Restaurant in Batsi

Italian kind of restaurant in the harbour of Batsi, which serves pizzas, spagetthis, grilled chicken and salads. The pizzas cost around 8 to 10 euro each (2006) but they are huge and delicious, and if you have leftovers you can take it home in a cardboard box. The restaurant has also a take-away service. The wineglasses are fancy and the housewine is not bad at all. Nice seats and a great look over the sea.

Our rating: good, 8 out of 10.

Andros restaurants - Perrakis Crepery in Gavrio

Andros is famous for its crepes, or pancakes as we call them in Holland, so you will find plenty of pancakehouses on the island. They serve a large variety of them, sweet with fruits or whipped creme, non-sweet with cheeses, bacon, spinach, tomato, ham, mushrooms and everything that you can imagine. The Perrakis Crepery slash coffee bar in the harbour of Gavrio serves small but good crepes and the coffee is very good. Sweet crepes are realy, realy sweet though.

Our rating: reasonable, 7 out of 10.

Hans Huisman, 2013